Sunday, June 27, 2010

Timeless Live in HK (DVD)

grabbed this right after the concert

to preserve my memory of the concert

to see the difference between HK and Msian concert

and not forgetting the free poster given


been watching it everyday

right after work

this is the 1st thing i did

after reaching home

just can’t get enough of him


it was an awesome show

compared to the Genting concert

HK audiences were more interactive

and there were quite a lot of artists watching


he actually went down the stage


he imitated MJ during one of his concerts in HK too

in conjuction with MJ’s birthday

but it wasn’t during the last concert

which was captured in this DVD


best concert of 2009 in HK

he is that kind of singer

who can sing live

after hearing the live version of a particular song

actually think that it sounds even better than the original one

especially songs like Sorry, 三人游

not being the hit songs before

fell in love with these songs

right after the concert


and some impromptu part he added in

during <You’re the Sunshine of My Life>

he sang a mini verse

the lyric was made up of the titles of his hit songs



and after watching the concert for endless times

i always remember 《黑白》 as the track

coming immediately after 《三人游》

then ending with《愛我吧》

because he sang these 3 back to back

so now these 3 are more like a trilogy to me


like the Timeless logo too

it represents his name

actually the blue shirt he wore

was with the logo

and they were actually selling it

as concert souvenir

i mean at the HK show

not bad

can establish a KF fashion label


i gonna get Wonderland live too

almost got it

when i ordered L.I.F.E. online

but later the bill will be quite huge

so just transfer to the cart

for next time purchase.. haha


and for the time being

it’s only DVDs

but one of this days

i gonna watch him live at HK

and at the legendary “Hong Kun” too

covernew iconanother logo





Khalil’s MJ

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