Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Timeless Outrolude

ok here’s the story

i try to make it brief

i supposed to wear pink

and Noob’s blue


but due to the pre Timeless adventure

we didn’t have time to change up

so only changed after the concert

but someone insisted on exchanging

me in blue, him in pink instead


we chose quite a “hulu” toilets

so that there would be less people seeing

changing, washing up in the toilet

not really a common thing to do, isn’t it


went in, washed  up

came out

he wasn’t around

oh gosh must be i took too long

and he had wandered away


then he called up

he met with a pervert in the toilet

so ran out


the pervert must be attracted by

his pink shirt

with DKNY Red Apple scent

which i have sprayed earlier on

and washing up can appear to be

quite a seductive scent


so the pervert started doing

some funny stuffs

god knows what he was doing

that’s what he described to me

then he ran out

the pervert was chasing after

till a pretty crowded spot


so this is the consequence of

wearing the wrong colour

doing the wrong stuff

smelling the wrong scent

being in the toilet at a wrong hour alone


tell ya

the pink shirt is mine

that’s karma


but anyway thanks

what if the pervert appeared

at the wrong side of the washroom

landed in female’s instead

that would be…..


teaching Noob how to camwhore with SL

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