Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morning Walk to The Flee Market

today me and dad made it for our morning walk

last week we overslept

our walk is no joke


all the way from my house

to Melaka Raya

had breakfast at the mamak restaurant

at Pahlawan


if you think I will end up

shopping at Pahlawan

for Nike shoes, bag etc..

you are very wrong


anyhow took a photo of A’Famosa

then such a coincidence

my mom’s uncle cycled by

must give this photo to him later

my grand uncle


happily taking more photos

but ran out of battery



we proceeded all the way to Jonker Street

our destination

the flee market along HaiShan street

right at Geographer’s cafe


1st stall is always the uncle

selling the antique discs

usually we just glanced through quickly

usually dad will introduced those old singers


today don’t know why

we engaged in conversation with the uncle

and usually after conversation

we will end up buying something


Disc 1, don't be afriad Star

this is a children songs album

why we bought this?

because found two songs

which are songs from my dad’s childhood


he crooned the songs before

i only can remember



this is a mini version disc

4 songs only

CNY songs


browsed through  and found this

OST of the movie, The Ungrateful One

the theme song was so popular during the 70’s

because that was the time

radio in car was first popularized in town

The Ungrateful One


so people will blast the song

very very loud

show off mah

and this is the song being played

so frequently that everyone can sing it


i remember this song

as a very hysteria song

郎變了 郎變了 (the lyric: You have changed)

“lang” is the generic address for a man

but wolf is pronouced as “lang” too

so i took is as 狼變了 狼變了

(the lyric: Wolf has changed)


i watched this movie before

but i don’t really know whether it is the same version

this type of disc

is like audio movie

Disc 3


dad has mentioned this movie so many times

he been trying to find this for very long

because this is the favourite movie

of my grandma


but something a little unfortunate

this movie comes in 3 discs

but there are only 2 discs for the one we bought

the ending disc is missing


yet we are quite satisfied

at least i got to listen

to something i heard of for so long


but another little misfortune

we don’t have the player

we have been scouting for 1

for quite long already

still no suitable one

because my dad not only want a player

that can play disc

but with a nice design

and good audio quality


that day he saw one in an antique shop

totally suit his requirements

but the boss said the one

he wanted to keep for his shop one

but he promised to find one for us

hope he can find it very soon


because we still have a big box of discs

other than the 4 we bought

until today my dad still regret

throwing some discs

which he thinks are not too nice away


next trip

after my exam

with camera fully charged…

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  1. tl .. how nice arh ... i wish to walk around in melaka in the early morning too ....

    next time u must ask me go too .. hahakz


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