Monday, April 20, 2009

1st @ F.O.S.

last week when i was back in Melaka

wanted to catch a bus home

there was not a single bus available

so decided to wait a little longer


then went back to the stall

where i spotted a cute Little Miss Giggle

finally bought a Little Miss Tidy

more suitable for me

I don’t giggle much

fake shirt for rm 10

reasonable, i guess

after all, it’s counterfeit

don’t expect too much

Little Miss Tidy


waited for almost an hour

no bus available yet

feel rejected

no choice but to call mom


Sunday, went shopping

with mom and Ah B

no sales at most of the shops

but FOS was having something

like buy one free one sales


i have never shop at FOS before

although it is such a huge chain store

because as far as I know

their stocks are rejected items

so might as well get something

of better quality else where


and if you wear a FOS

there will be high probability of

meeting someone of the same clothes


went in and have a look lor

since we didn’t have many choices left

didn’t think of buying something in there

just following mom

she got something and went for trying

i just hanged around with Ah B


then she told me

it’s so cheap

you sure you don’t wanna get something


then started browsing

spotted a flowery spag top

it’s a rip curl

just saw something similar at Parkson

priced at rm 150

Rip Curl Flora Spag


omg this is only rm 30

and buy 1 free 1

so the price ratio is exactly 1:10


then got a white collar shirt

this is not exactly what i fancy

but had to choose 2 items of rm 30

this kind is reserved for occasion like

touch wood touch wood

and temple visiting

white collar T


then the last item

grey sleeveless top (pic bottom right)

got this

not because i fancy it too

mom got a top of rm 25

and she couldn’t find another item of the same price

so i took this top lor

otherwise mom was going to forego her top


i don’t wan to disappoint her

so i get this top

this is only for rm 12.50

it is a Mexx

Mexx grey

founded at the Netherlands

bought over by US co, Liz Claiborne

Mexx was a unification of two brands

Moustache (for men)

Emanuelle (for women)


i am having another minor problem

dealing with the strings

don’t really know how to tie


spotted a Fred Perry

denim texture bag

like the flowery internal design

but the design of the bag ain’t very nice

so i gave it up


feedbacks at forum

about FOS are mixed

how are the quality of the clothes

are yet to proven


there are quite a number of

American labels

and their stocks are not just rejected items

some are just over-produced

or off-seasons items


so it is up to us

the wise consumers

to choose your stuffs

at FOS


total shopping bill for the week:

rm 52.50 for 4 tops


shopping has never been that satisfying

promise not to “pei-c” (look down on)

FOS anymore

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