Sunday, November 12, 2017

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 05: Random in-Store Luggage Purchase

so i went out as usual

in the evening for

a walk cum grocery shopping


two days ago

saw a luggage fair

nearby the supermarket

this area is kinda dangerous


because at this side of

the department store

is known as the event hall

for different promotion campaigns

from time to time


i will tell you why

i need a luggage

that was two months ago

at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport


they were getting really strict

with baggage policy:

only one hand carry allowed

or two if one of them is a

computer bag


and for check in luggage

they only allow two per person

for people like me who

prefer packing in smaller bags


this presents a big issue as

all my bags are rather light weight

yet i am barred from

checking in or bringing on board

due to the strict quantity policy


and to make the situation

a bit more adventurous

i gave up my laptop bag

to my dad as he needed it

for his loots


so i was actually

travelling to the airport

with my laptop in a woven tote

and later on as we need to

further reduce our baggage quantity


i had to make the woven bag disappear

so i ended up going on board

like seriously light

can't zip ><yeah Thermos follows


that was when

i really wish i had a luggage

so that i can just throw everything in



you have no idea

how i enjoy having different bags

i.e. more flexibility

instead of a luggage

my travel companionmy travel companion


so i was forced to seriously

consider about a luggage

yeah i have thought of

buying online too


but somehow luggage is something

you have to feel in term of

the weight, wheels, texture etc


well when it comes to luggage

i struggle so much lesser

as i know i want an A.T.

so softside or hard?

Hello ATs


the applite series is really light

like 2.7kg for a medium sized

i would seriously considering

American Tourister Applite


hard side is of course

more sleek looking and lighter

but durability unknown

as a check in luggage


and two days later

on 11.11 i ended up here again


wait a minute

durability is not really an issue

if i am getting a cabin luggage

as it will probably

stay with me all the time

American Tourister Zavis


so i bought it

just do it

in spite of not getting

any weekend cash voucher

which is occasionally available


suddenly feeling excited

for my upcoming trip

in 3 week time

Excited!!! for my next trip suddenly


by the way

this new luggage of mine is Zavis

American Tourister Zavis


by the way

i bumped into him again

my crush when i was working

at this very mall as a part timer

like a decade ago??


he is still so good looking

so is his son

no it has nothing to do

with this luggage purchase


but somehow making my

Single Day this year

more memorable than ever


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