Sunday, November 12, 2017

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 07: Which Bag, Finally

since earlier this week

i was looking for a bag

from saddle to messenger

to hip pack then finally

a chest bag

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 01: Saddle or Sling


so it’s this one

we are talking about

Outdoor Products X Pacman Chest Bag


i struggled because

i just bought an AT luggage

well obviously

the price tag is a bit hefty


then i went out

for weekend shopping with my mom

being ridiculous as always

i almost got this

Cotton On Kids X Kermit the Frog


and my mom was like nay

so i kept throwing hint that

okay fine i’ll go for

the more pricey choices online

and i showed her the picture


so i was back

pondering over to or not to

to convince myself that

it’s a really good choice


i found two relatives of his

which are less lovely yet

almost as pricey

Outdoor Products X Joshua Chest BagOutdoor Products X Joshua Chest Bag


and to make myself

feel better about

paying that price

i did a quick research on eBay

Outdoor Products X Pacman Chest BagOutdoor Products X Pacman Chest Bag


by 10:30 PM on 12 Nov

oh man no

please ignore my wishlist



Parcels on the way

1. 1AM/Tesco/Lazada/Grocery

2. 6PM/Nestle/11street/Grocery

3. 11PM/HKTopMall/Lazada/Skin care

4. 11PM/Uniliver/Lazada/Grocery

5. 12 Nov/Outdoor Products/Zalora/Bag


and not forgetting

5. A.T. Zavis luggage/in the house

6. Outdoor Products Pacman bag/KIVed

7. Hotel booking, Agoda’s 11%


Single Day X Shopping All the Way

01: Saddle or Sling

02: Failed Attempt at 12AM

03: First Purchase at 1AM

04: Finally From 11street at 6PM

05: Random in-Store Luggage Purchase

06: Last Call at 11 PM


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