Sunday, November 12, 2017

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 02: Failed Attempt at 12AM

so i really stayed awake

until 12 AM to see if

something will happen overnight


since Lazada is part of

Alibaba Group now

yup in fact i saw their

corporate ad on TV



so it came in at 12:18 AM

Lazada Single Day Sale


i actually didn’t have much to buy

except my Kanebo Suisai

Beauty Clear Powder

which is running low

and i don’t foresee myself

going to Japan anytime soon


wth it was less than 70 MYR

when i added it to wishlist

Kanbeo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder on Lazada


then somehow i found this

didn’t know how it ended up

on my wish list but for real

50% off is too good

not forgetting the extra rebate

i was about to attempt using

Lazada Single Day Sale


so i tried to check out

along with a minor item

in order to hit 150 MYR

yeah it worked

Lazada Single Day Sale


but then

crap payment failed

Lazada Single Day Sale


so i can sense that

i literally have to give up

the 33  MYR rebate

because by the time

they cancel this order

the voucher would

has been fully redeemed


and also running the risk of

giving up the bag too

since this was the last item

Lazada Single Day Sale


so so disappointing

item i wanted was suddenly

much more pricey

and payment system was down

in spite of voucher that worked


isn’t it

but i am not a quitter


and the story took a turn


i went for second attempt

buying something else instead

will talk about that later

in the next post


and to my surprise

i woke up next morning

to find this in my email

voucher re-validated


Lazada Single Day Sale


and the bag was

actually still available

but i didn’t feel like

buying it anymore

as i went on to explore

Single Day X Shopping All the Away 01: Saddle or Sling


so bye!!!!

Single Day X Shopping All the Way

01: Saddle or Sling

03: First Purchase at 1AM

04: Finally From 11street at 6PM

05: Random in-Store Luggage Purchase

06: Last Call at 11 PM

07: Which Bag, Finally


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