Saturday, November 11, 2017

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 01: Saddle or Sling

since earlier this week

have been bombarded with

deals for Single’s Day

i don’t really have anything

that I am dying to buy


but i need an everyday bag

i mean i want one

that i can just grab and go

with only the essentials

and during travel too

of course


which is neither too small

can’t fit in my long wallet

nor too big that i tend to

stuff in more and more


so i started to look around

and found the follows:

(1) Fossil crossbody sling bag


- black/brown go with everything

- smart casual is a plus point


- don’t feel good about using leather

- can’t fit a water bottle

- falling more for the outfit > bags

Fossil Emi Saddle 2FOssil Emi Saddle Brown TasselFOssil Emi Saddle BrownFossil Emi SaddleFossil Kendall CrossbodyFossil Maya CrossbodyFossil Peyton Double FlapFossil Piper ToasterFossil Sydney Crossbody


(2) Crumpler messenger bag


- non-leather

- bigger capacity

- at least for a water bottle


- too casual

- a bit too big for certain occasions

- not really a brand i relate to

Crumpler Minor Upset Messenger Bag


since i can’t really make up my mind

i just leave them for awhile

i strongly believe in first sight

if i can’t make up my mind

it probably means

i don’t really like them that much


then i got this on Facebook

spot the error



so 12 AM on Nov 11

i got in to see what are

they offering and found

an item on my wishlist

is actually 50% off

i didn’t know how come

it ended up on my wishlist too


(3) Herschel tote bag


- favorite color and brand

- super good deal


- i don’t need a tote

- 12 oz denim is heavy

- tends to clash with my outfit

Herschel Richmond tote


but payment failed

so i was stuck since

this was the last item



and soon the voucher code

i was trying to use

was already fully redeemed

when i was trying to check out

something else instead of bag


but i never expect Lazada actually

sent me an exclusive code

to make up for the discount

i was supposed to enjoy


when i woke up in the morning

with the chance to check out

i don’t feel like getting it anymore

because well obviously that was

an attempt of impulse purchase

thank goodness payment failed


so i decided that i will

utilize the voucher code

on some groceries, probably


then i came across

(4) Herschel Fifteen hip pack


- only the essential

- look really good


- too small, isn’t it

Herschel Fifteen Hip Pack


then i kinda lost track

among their chambray collection that

i kinda realize that i am actually

falling for the color/brand

instead of finding a bag that

really fits in what i need in the first place

Herschel Post Mid-VolumeHerschel Heritage backpackHerschel Nelson Backpack


their hip packs come in a few sizes

maybe Seventeen is a better choice

as it obviously fits in a water bottle

Rakuten sellers are awesome for this

but then again

it could be a bit too bulky

Hershel Seventeen Hip Pack 3 Liter 3


Hip/fanny pack

Belt/bump/waist bag

they basically mean the same


i have to own up that

i like hip pack partly because

i like to see guys carrying one

so i am not sure if i really

want it for myself

Hershel Seventeen Hip Pack 3 Liter 2



what am i stressing myself

over shopping which is

supposed to have reversed effect


by the way

then i decided

i am just going to

concentrate on the bag


so that would take

Fossil and Herschel off the list

and went on to explore others

but i was still equally confused

and ended up looking at bags

that i don’t really need at the moment


such as Jansport



and Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products Air Force Two Way BagOutdoor Products Air Force Two Way Bag


then i found this

(5) Outdoor Products X Pacman chest bag


- love at first sight

- makes a better chest bag > hip pack


- pricey

- childish (so me)




i mean yeah

i was looking for hip pack

because i thought it will

make a good chest bag

the same goes to crossbody sling


but i actually forgot that

chest bag is actually

a type of bag on its own

i.e. an one-sided mini backpack

which can be used as a cross body



forgive me for cropping the face

because i just wanna focus on the bag

Outdoor Products Pacman Chest Bag


and here’s another design

and their entire collection

celebrating 35 years of Pacman

but i still prefer the first

Outdoor Products x Pacman 35th Anniversary Bags


but no worries

i am in no hurry to decide

but obviously i strongly suspect

i will go for the Pacman chest bag

as my voucher code is valid until



of all choices

i rather go for the one

without any mark down


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