Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hallow X October: Well, It’s Not Over

October has been all smooth

until i received this task

which i took as a challenge


in terms of all three

volume, content, deadline

triple trouble


so i got a whole 190 pages

translated in 10 days

on top of my daily tasks



sleeping for 3-4 hours a day

no life but all work

and managed to meet the deadline


but i knew it was not over

because i simply know

and for the first week of Nov

I have been sleeping through

whenever I don’t have task


and yesterday i even slept

as early as 8 PM

waking up to find that

the nightmare has bounced back


they requested a

complete review of

the entire file

expecting me to spend two days

(zero compensation, of course)

because quality issues were flagged

(in less than a page)


and it feels like

it doesn’t pay off at all

having need to go through

sickness and sleep disorder


and i gonna spend another night

staying up until morning

going too the content

i am already quite sick of

(have already spent 10 hours today

and i am barely half way through)


but trying to convince myself that

this is something positive

because i have managed to

challenged something new


the fact is real

mega corp on the other side

of the scale

versus powerless ant

on the opposite


with another huge corp

between the both

who has better negotiation power



still glad that

i am a free and easy ant

if that makes me feel better


it’s not about the money3



speaking of October

the total sale was pretty not bad

this particular project

i spent the entire page talking about

made up 25% of it


and i kinda calculated

how much i need to generate

in Q4 of 2017

in order to be on par with 2016


and i actually managed to

actually filled up

50% of my target for Q4

in October alone


it doesn’t mean

i can chill for Nov and Dec

but well at least

there is less pressure and


i can spend a less worry-some

10-day vacation back in China

during early December


these days

it has been seriously creepy

i don’t even feel like

talking to anyone

well that’s usual

but not even the usual persons


i don’t even feel like

blogging and doing

some other stuffs that

i used to cherish


so i hope to

put an end to this

nightmarish task

like seriously a full-stop

having spent 2 full days

reviewing my own work


and this Dec trip

seems to be

the only thing

i look forward to


Mad Season / Matchbox Twenty


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