Sunday, November 12, 2017

Single Day X Shopping All the Way 03: First Purchase at 1AM

so having failed my first attempt

i quickly made a come back

this time round at TESCO

Tesco @ Lazada


30% off is seriously good

especially for grocery

can you imagine

1 AM in the morning

i was actually happily

buying Milo from Tesco

in conjunction with Single Day

Tesco @ Lazada


successful, after all

payment system worked fine

it made me felt so much better

after the first failed attempt


guess what

the voucher code ran out

pretty fast as well

i tried experimenting with

the same voucher code on

my dad’s phone/account

few minutes later


Parcels on the way

1. 1AM/Tesco/Lazada/Grocery




i had the feeling that

i will end up buying

grocery and nothing else

well let’s see


Single Day X Shopping All the Way

01: Saddle or Sling

02: Failed Attempt at 12AM

04: Finally From 11street at 6PM

05: Random in-Store Luggage Purchase

06: Last Call at 11 PM

07: Which Bag, Finally


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