Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sperry X Keds: Ipanema Billabong (In an Order)

last Friday 30th June

was the last day

to make use of the

promo code provided by

my beloved telco


yay or nay

i have been eyeing

these kicks for sometimes

then i told myself that

if i didn’t manage to

loot any sneaker from Tokyo


then i shall proceed to

check out the cart

once i got back from Tokyo


so here i was

checking out these items

on a Friday night and

they were on their way

pretty soon on the next day



and i have actually

removed a few unnecessary items

including a MNG X Bugs Bunny

pullover which is cute but

kinda impractical for me


i fell for it at first sight in-store

and waited so long for the mark down

you can imagine the pain

when i removed it from my cart

Mango Bugs Bunny Embroidered Cotton Sweatshirt


and a pair of Aldo loafer

as well as few dresses

which i don’t think i will

never wear in months to come


let me explain about

the tank top

it’s for my upcoming Krabi trip


and Ipanema was a total accident

i have not been buying Ipanema

for a long time

and it has been our favourite

for at least a decade i think


and i have never tried

their strap sandals

when i was hesitating

on Friday itself

my cousin came in a pair

Ipanema Class Sandals


and she said it’s super comfy

she stopped buying flip flops

after she discovered these


okay have faith in my cousin

that’s what i can at least do

being an anti-socialist

who find it awkward to

talk to my cousin

at least we have something

in common to talk to now

oh yeah


ordered on Friday night

shipped on Saturday evening

and soon Monday afternoon

here they are at my doorstep


my phone was on silent mode

like as always

and i was busy working away

thank goodness

i have left them my mom’s

as back up because

worst comes to worst

my phone is on flight mode


silent mode is a rare case

because i only turn it on

when i am expecting a parcel


Monday afternoon is

not a good timing for parcel

because the whole family is around

it’s very likely that

i will get condemned

and it’s a bloody huge parcel


so i hid them outside

and took them in

when everyone was busy

later in the evening


and declared that

i bought a pair of Ipanema

they got so damn surprised

because it doesn’t look like

my usual cup of tea


i was casually saying that

it’s okay

for everyone to share

whoever needs shoes can have them



in fact..

i have no idea

why the boxes got so crumpled



but thank goodness

the contents are fine

well they should!!

Ipanema Class SandalsKeds Chillax Chambray Washed Twill Slip Ons 	Sperry Sayel Ox Washed Sneakers


i am in the middle of trimming

the shapes on my Ipanema sandals

i know i know it’s similar to

the iconic Issey Miyake shapes

but i can’t stand the fact that

it’s also similar to durian


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