Friday, July 28, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 01: Is It Really a Must?

have been wanting to get a

Huawei P9 or P10

Leica camera is really appealing for me

i must say


so my BFF got a P9

and she is really satisfied with the phone


then i talked my sister into buying one

and she got a P9 Plus

but it ended up as a spare phone

because they are die-hard Samsung users


since it ended up as a spare phone

i got to borrow it for a week

for my trip to Saigon plus

concert night at Singapore


the result is really good

and i can happily ditch my camera

for three reasons



we didn’t purchase

any luggage allowance

so everything must be hand carried

taking some weight off is

always a good idea



camera is apparently not allowed

in a concert venue



and most importantly

my camera is really bad

i am not sure if

it’s that bad or

i am really bad at using it


it failed me

time after time

once i experimented it at

Hong Kong Disneyland


all the photos for the

night parade screwed up

thank goodness i snapped

extra copies with my iPhone


recently i tried out with

both iPhone and camera again

the quality is better i supposed

after 1+ years later


then again

i wouldn’t dare to compare

because i am afraid

it will disappoint me again


too bad i don’t have a third hand

or i would have snap more

with P9 Plus and

compare among the three


well getting busy

juggling between

phone, camera and phone camera

that sounds pretty awkward

and i could have missed

the fun of being there

right at the moment


and what if i accidently

leave something behind

that definitely is an oouch

no matter which one is it


so i wanted a P10 pretty badly

more so recently


my BFF is touring Europe

and she has been sending me

photos snapped on her P9

knowing that her ulterior motive is

to tempt me into getting one


my iPhone 6S is kinda failing me

sometimes as it keeps running

low on memory

and lag is quite apparent recently


it reminded me about

31 Dec 2015

on the day i bought the phone

and the camera on the same day


i got my new camera and

went to the mall with it

and coming across the camera

was something unexpected

although i had been researching

about camera for sometime


i decided to put it on hold

and got a phone first

since it was more urgent

and if the phone camera

was working well

i didn’t even have to


then i came across this camera

it was Sony A5100

if i remember correctly

so i went to check it out


and the guy introduced me to

another model Fujifilm X-A2

and did a detailed comparison

between the two

and since it was 31

he was urging me to buy

since that was the last day

for their year-end promo


so i end up buying X-A2

which was a model

i have never researched on

impulse buying!!!

on the same day

i got my iPhone 6S

which i bought online


and the guy saw my phone

and he was telling me

how i should have gotten

one with higher memory capacity

since it runs out pretty fast


true to his word

i am really facing it now

after 1.5 year and

crappps i feel like

reselling the camera back to him


so this is another junction

where i need a camera and a phone

but not as urgent as Dec 2015


why not getting something

which can do both


and by the way

i heard that iPhone 8

is going to be real expensive



there you go!

Huawei P10 Plus!


so why P10 Plus

and not P10?


i researched about the camera

the camera of P10 Plus is

apparently better


but i am not sure

what’s its role going to be still

because i have not used

a Plus-sized phone yet


like a phone camera only?

a phablet for entertainment?

a full-time phone replacing iPhone?



but i have bought one, anyway


Part 2 of the story

how and where did i

end up buying my P10 Plus..


Good night!


to sum up the story

why did i end up buying a P10 Plus

- the camera, obviously

- my semi-pro camera is not as pro

- my current phone is always out of memory

- i m not ready for i8 at USD 1200

- it’s the closest to iPhone

- i have 5 upcoming trips, so?

- refer back to Point 1, the camera


my hand-on experience with

Huawei P9 Plus

at a local temple event

i am totally not familiar

with the phone, still

except the camera, maybe

Huwei P9 Plus


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