Saturday, July 15, 2017

Facebook Offer X New in-Crime Partner: Ended Up Buying a Thermos Bottle

Thought I can stay clean

from online shopping

for at least a week

but then..


this popped up in Facebook

and this is actually an upgraded function

from sponsored ad

once you clicked on “Get Offer”

it will be saved under the “Offer” tab

similar to Saved Link

Facebook Offer by Thermos


and it actually looks

something like an event

Facebook Offer by Thermos


so i ended up buying this

Thermos JNL Warner Brothers Ultra Light Flask


we had a pretty solid one

but didn't know where did it

disappear to and

quite a few others

which were like gifts from

milk powder etc


and it has always been a

“dream” of mine to

buy a Thermos which is

not ugly and looks cooler

than your average Thermos


so i actually fell for this trap


and i did go to

check out Thermos price

at a local department store


well this is actually quite a good deal

and i think it should be authentic

since it’s offered by the

authorized dealer


since i am willing to

spend quite a bit

on an ordinary Nike bottle


so i can’t see why

i shouldn’t invest in a

nice looking Thermos

which does way more

than my ordinary bottle


i hope that makes me

feel less guilty

about this purchase


by the way

blame it on the cookies

i was looking for one

on 11 Street

earlier this week

i think


oh my

i can’t believe

they used my least preferred

courier service to deliver this


i ordered on 14 July

then didn’t hear from them

and i was really frustrated

when i found out

they are using SkyNet

and i have no idea of what it means by




they called me up

yet days later

no sign of the parcel yet


so i went to the center

have been there once

due to undelivered parcel too

oh no the center looked

quite empty

previously it was totally messy


so they had actually relocated

the main center somewhere else

but the person helped me to

track the parcel anyway


to find that the parcel

was actually on their van

out for delivery

so when i got home around noon

the parcel was already there

thrown into my house

gosh.. how could they do this



here’s my Wonder Woman Thermos

Wonder Woman Thermos


i use it occasionally to make tea

and as a daily bottle

if i can’t find mine

lovely simply lovely


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