Sunday, July 16, 2017

Has Always Been on the List X Finally Checked: Chongqing, Booked

last Saturday

what an eventful day

  • went out of town in the morning
  • got our Mayday’s concert tickets secured
  • booked our Chongqing tickets


utilizing AirAsia early bird promo

for next year

should I or shouldn’t I


i mean i can feel

how i have spending on

this and that and more

over the past few months


phew… money has been

running like tap water

since it is merely

diminishing amount

displayed via your screen


all so finally at midnight past 12

because i know i will be upset

if i woke up next morning to find that

the two seats at 299 were gone!!



this is actually quite a good deal

as i have flipped several dates

for this year and this could easily

be the price of a pair of return tickets

instead of two!!



so i finally booked

waited for some time

but nevertheless was smooth



so back to the issue of visa application

double entry between 6 months

so right after booking

was immediately looking at

tickets for winter

oh man!!!


and i have not owned up

to my parents about the

two short SEA getaways

happening on Oct / Jan


so what’s next?


i should wait bit more

and see if they offer any

sitewide 20% off

sometimes they do


by the way

i have been wanting to

head to Chongqing

after finding out about

Dazu Rock Cravings


and this music video

from the OST of a movie

filmed in Chongqing


不說 / 李榮浩

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