Thursday, July 27, 2017

Peanuts x Esprit: Befriend or Not To?

7 July

i spotted this at Esprit

but it was kinda expensive

for a t-shirt like that

Peanuts x Esprit


17 July

walked in to check out their bags

after seeing posts by a Peanuts fan page

nothing of interest to me


Peanuts x Esprit


oh man

Peanuts x Esprit


and i actually bought both

and signed up as an Esprit Friend

to enjoy 10% off my first purchase

Peanuts x Esprit


27 July

got an email from them

regarding my membership

so i wander to their e-store

to find that…

Peanuts x Esprit


curse you, Red Baron!

Both at 30% off!!!

Peanuts x EspritPeanuts x Esprit


oh my

should i continue to befriend Esprit?


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