Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Smooth-Sailing June X Sailing 1/3 into July: A Peak for Good, Finally

June was literally smooth sailing

including my holiday at Tokyo

yet sale wasn’t too bad at all

well neither too bad

nor too good

i would say


and there wasn’t

anything eventful as well

that’s why it’s taking me that long

to write this June summary

in fact i am not that busy

am i?


i have a couple of deadlines tomorrow

Video Transcription – 12 PM

OE Translation – 2 PM

Response Coding – 3 PM

Survey Translation – 5 PM

Response Check – EOD


wish me lucks!!!!

fund for more trips are otw

at least…


by the way

it’s 711

always open, 7-Eleven

that’s what my worklife is

pretty much about

always there waiting


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