Friday, June 30, 2017

Much Delayed X Thankfully No Hassle: Collecting an Undelivered Parcel

Sleep time has been messed up again

and i can’t sleep at this hour

a really bad sleep deprivation circle

and i ended up napping for hours

in the afternoon


woke up at 4

to get some work done

and decided to head out

for some fresh air


and to get things done

a parcel which failed to be

delivered as we were away

and i ended up at this part of the city

which i am quite unfamiliar with

thank goodness

it was easy to locate this place

Ta-Q-Bin Melaka (Yamato)


the guy got my parcel really fast

and said that yeah they tried to call

a couple of times but wasn’t able to reach

Ta-Q-Bin Melaka (Yamato)


let’s see

i ordered this during June 13

delay after delay

from shipping to hold-up

Ta-Q-Bin Melaka (Yamato)


it took more than 10 days

well.. this was way out of expectation

because i did take into consideration

about us being away

before ordering


when i saw the arrival tab on 21

i thought it was about to be delivered

but it wasn’t…

not even on the 22nd and 23rd


they may make a 2nd delivery

who knows

but the problem is

we were running low on supply

and it could have negative consequences

on the whole family if

it’s completely finished


there you are

milk powder for my nephew

PediaSure milk powder : /



not your average online shopping

i shop for everything from

wok, milk powder to

luncheon meat for the family


time to drop more orders

as i am not travelling

anytime soon


till then

it is going to be a busy Friday

family gathering at my place

end-of-month invoicing

and more shopping to be done

since i have a 18% promo code

expiring by end of today


Roar!!! Dilemma!


by the way suddenly remember that

i need to confirm this purchase

by end of June which is today

to qualify for 22% credit rebate

yeah… added bonus


can put my phone on

flight mode 24/7 again

before i am expecting

any new parcel again


more milk powder?

there’s free shipping..

fulfilled by Tesco

a great homemaker in making

PediaSure on 11Street


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