Saturday, July 15, 2017

Taking Bus Ride X Like College All Over Again: Now, with an App

took a trip to Seremban last week

which was like college days

all over again

nothing seemed to change here

Seremban Terminal 1



this is actually my very first time

booking bus ticket via an app

did it through Red Bus

it’s head-quartered in South Asia


which offers Melaka-Seremban route

Red Bus app


the other alternative would be


GrabThatBus app


my telco is offering 15% promo code

so i might give it a try next time round

GrabThatBus app X UMobile promo


the reason why

i didn’t book with them

this time round is because

they are only giving one option

for my return trip

GrabThatBus app


while Red Bus offers many trips

all day long

RedBus app


ride experience wise

basically there are

two types of booking

those with m-Ticket and without

depending on the operator

RedBus app


for those with m-Ticket

it doesn’t mean you can board

the bus with that e-ticket


instead you have to

provide the proof of purchase

at the operator’s counter

and they will print out a

hard copy ticket for you


for those without m-Ticket

is actually a better option

you can choose a seat

print it out and

that will act as your ticket

to board the bus

without going to the counter


i tried both

the first trip is without m-Ticket

i.e. printed out the ticket at home

and proceeded rightly to the platform


it was almost time but

i didn’t see any bus which says

it’s heading to Seremban


thank goodness i asked the

driver who was checking tickets

for a bus heading to Teluk Intan

in fact that’s the bus to board


i.e. they are heading to Seremban first

for drop off and pick up some

new passengers heading to Teluk Intan


so.. it’s safer to head to the

counter for confirmation after all

although the printout acts

as a ticket itself


for my return trip

i used another opreator

with m-Ticket


so once i arrived at Seremban

i went to their counter

to get my ticket printed


was told that the 5 PM trip

was being cancelled

so it’s either 4:30 or 6PM


so i picked 4:30 PM

but due to some technical issue

they were not able to print out

the ticket for me



it was kinda scary

encountered a jam on our way

to the bus terminal

got there at 4:27 PM

without a ticket


when i headed to the counter

there was no one there

so i ran to the platform

and got on the bus


the ticketing guy at the counter

whom i had bumped into

was checking tickets


oh my

the bus was already filled up

so i think it was very likely that

i would be chased down and

forced to take the 6 PM bus

since i actually didn’t

hold a ticket for 4:30 PM


except a proof of purchase for 5 PM

which had been canceled anyway


thank goodness

a guy was chased down

instead of me

because his ticket was for 6 PM

instead of 4:30 PM



what a close shave


in short

it’s not completely paperless after all

and do check with the counter

because you will never know

change of schedule

change of platform

or whatsoever


and be sure to get there

earlier even if you have

already purchase

your ticket online


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