Friday, July 28, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 02: Research is a Must!

So i started to research extensively

having rationalized that i should

really get a P10 Plus


i did quite some research

especially in terms of camera:

- P10 vs P10 Plus

- P10 vs iPhone 7

- P10 vs One Plus 5

- top rated phones on DxO Mark


then only I realized One Plus is

also a Chinese company

based in Shenzhen

and they are also offering

One Plus 5, One Plus 5+


and their USPs are

the camera as well as

a simple OS, known as OXYGEN

which is developed in-house

but nevertheless Android compatible


as well as technical aspects such as:

what will happen to the songs

you bought on iTunes Music when 

you are switching to Android


and i went in-store

to check out the phones

no they were not turning the light off

in conjunction with Earth Hour

sorry my current camera is that bad

shopping the dark = = "


So what’s next?

Why to buy?

What to buy?

Where to buy it?

How to buy it?


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