Friday, July 28, 2017

Me & My Huawei P10+ 03: How I Was Half Pushed into Buying One?

From the previous post

Why to buy?

What to buy?

Where to buy it?

How to buy it?


so i started researching

about the price

the retailing price is 3,099 MYR

which is about 720 USD


however the lowest market price is

currently around 2,500 MYR

which is about 590 USD

on both shopping platforms

i usually shop at

Huwei P10 PlusHuwei P10 Plus


yesterday i was kinda of busy

with work in the morning

was somehow talking to my sister

she is now a pro online shopper

much better than me

and she was telling me

about the abundant coupons

11street was giving her


so i was telling her

that particular Huawei 10 Plus

which is the cheapest around

can’t be purchased with a bonus coupon



wait she was saying that

the phone is going at 2459

instead of 2519

are we talking about the same?

goodness.. further reduction?

Huwei P10 Plus


and she is that pro that

she managed to apply

two, not one coupons

for minor discounts on

product and shipping



so i was technically

half pushed into the final stage of

buying decision

as she was asking if

she should proceed to pay

and the coupons would be

expiring in two days


so i told her to

put it on hold

and let me sort out

my finance and

transfer money to her

before getting one


by 9 PM

she sent me another screenshot

with the price after discount

and asked if the price is okay


and by 10:30 PM

she sent me a screenshot of her

transaction status notification

see… i told you she is pro

Huwei P10 Plus


so i was literally

not involved in the

final purchasing stage

except getting updates


and yeah

i haven’t even paid her

waiting for fresh fund

to be pumped into my account


keeping my shopping account empty

is a way to deter myself from

excessive shopping

online or offline


i pumped in 3000 USD in March

and there was a direct payment

of 700 USD by client in June

all gone within 3 months

goodness knows how

yeah i am that poor


gosh once the fund is in

i have to pay her for the phone

and i have two pending carts on

Lazada: groceries, traveler SIM card

ASOS: wallet for my dad

and 2 tax bills






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