Sunday, November 1, 2015

SEOUL Random 02: Duty Free / Tax Refund

just to share

not that I really shopped

but I took part and helped others to


Duty Free shopping

on top of the usual duty-free shopping

at the departure halls


there are duty-free stores in town

the most “infamous” one being


Lotte Duty Free located at

level 9-11 of Lotte Department Store

at the other end of Myeong Dong


the moment I stepped out from the elevator

it was a total contrast from the non-duty free areas

like really really packed, noisy and

may I use the term, happening?

Lotte Duty Free


you would have guessed

the Chinese tourists who

are swiping across retail outlets

around the globe including this one


sales assistants who speak perfect Mandarin

probably they are fellow Chinese too

interpreter’s service is also provided

in case the brand doesn’t have one


paying with Chinese cards

is highly encouraged

like they offer exclusive deals for

those who pay with an China UnionPay card

or issued by a certain Chinese bank

the Agricultural Bank of China, I think

and WeChat promo campaign


not forgetting

Chinese spokeperson or

at least the faces familiar to

the Chinese market

e.g. Shila is having

Angelababy Wang as theirs


however just like the one in the airport

shoppers who shop here

have to flash their passport and flight ticket


I didn’t have both therefore

I bought the items at

Lotte Duty Free in the airport after all



prices are quoted in USD

may choose to pay in

USD / Won / Euro / RMB


For ordinary purchase at stores with

Tax Refund logo

such as those Korean cosmetic stores

and Lotte Mart (their hypermarket line)


tax refund is available for

purchase above 30,000 Won


upon payment

remember to collect the

official tax-refund receipt


either directly from the cashier or

at designated counter


for Lotte Mart at Seoul station

it is at the other end

away from the entrance

quietly hidden


it comes with an envelope-like

Global Blue tax refund instruction guide


it already sounds a bit ridiculous

in the guide, it mentioned that

you should not pack your items

for the tax refund purchase

into your luggage


hand carry it instead as

you have to show them to the custom

before you are given the stamp

before the tax refund takes place


that’s kinda funny

in case you have liquid products

which is quite common for

cosmetic and beauty care products


how to you expect us to

hand carry those and

pass the security check


basically no worries about it

as long as you have the

official tax refund receipt

issued by the store


in the departure hall

proceed to the self tax refund areas

located in between Gate 26 – 27

that’s for Incheon Airport

and scan your passport and the receipts

in a blink of eye, there you go

your refund is ready for collection

Self Tax Refund machine at Incheon Airport


forget about the hand-carry rule and

custom’s stamp


*self refund service is available for

refund amount below 50,000 won


tax refund counters are also available downtown

including in Lotte Department Store itself


been going endlessly about

Lotte, Lotte and Lotte

I know right


In summary

Duty-Free shopping

  • Downtown / Airport
  • 3rd option: order online, airport pickup
  • Price quoted in USD
  • Flash your passport AND flight ticket
  • Lotte / Shilla


Tax Refundable Shopping

  • Purchase above 30,000
  • Claim your official tax refund receipt
  • Tax refund at the airport / downtown
  • Flash your passport

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