Monday, November 23, 2015

Not Bad X Even If There’s No Nap: Weekend’s Wrap

having an incredible busy weekend

is sometimes I don’t really enjoy

especially on a Friday night

entering a weekend with

loads pressure at the back of my mind



finally I am writing in English again


firstly there are a couple of contracts

related to construction / petrol industry

not that I have never done

contract translation before


yet those are really time consuming

it feels great having completed them

over the weekend since Saturday afternoon


by the way

since Friday night to Saturday afternoon

were busy doing some code frame thingy

something new to me


wasn’t really that tough

just consolidating open ended feedback

into a list of options instead and

I do enjoy reading comments

especially these are written by

real people in the industry

no harm reading some high quality feedbacks 


yet given the sheer amount and

the amount of pending work

it can be quite stressful


once I managed to KO that

yup the delivery deadline is on a

Saturday night


freelancers work round the calendar

instead of loitering around

that is probably a bad sign

if you are


then proceed to do the

contract translation


the client didn’t specified a deadline

but of course he wants it ASAP

and as for myself

I would like to get it done ASAP too

so that I can proceed to the next one

like start the week afresh

instead of lingering here

over and over again


it was a long day

decided to give myself a break

didn’t work on anything at all

on a Saturday night


treated myself to a movie

which I just wrote a short review

in the previous post


in fact I actually wanted to

at least do some work

after I was done with the movie

but was too tired to


had a good sleep

all the way until 10 in the morning

went out for brunch and

started the day quite late after 12 noon


whatever feels right

if you think need a break

a break will do as

you will be recharged to

resume your work after the break


and hooray for me

as I kinda get to finish them all and

it shouldn’t be a problem to

deliver it by tomorrow evening

evening is fine I guess

since there is a 5 hours difference


you have client who set deadline

at a Saturday night


you also get client who

sent you a file at 4 am

on a Sunday morning


I assume he is not in the country

right now

I rather like to assume so


but it’s good to hear from him again

returning client is

always a good sign 


who works for more than

12 hours on a Sunday

a freelancer does


what keeps me going on

whenever the content is something

I am not really familiar with

I take it as an opportunity to

learn something new


engineering, construction,

petrochemical, piping materials

costing, specialized legal terms 


research, research and more research

that will ultimately benefit myself

and at the same time

I am paid to do it


nothing much can pretty beat that

I guess

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