Friday, November 27, 2015

Sneakers Hunting X Purse Changing: Thanksgiving Shopping

have promised my niece to

get her a pair of sneakers

since the pair I got her last year

she has totally outgrown and

it does no longer fit that well


and she is the only person

in the family

who has yet to get a pair of

sneakers from me this year


my parents and her little bro

got theirs like quite some time ago


and she was pretty excited

when I told her that

she is going to get hers too


I went down to do a pre-survey

like a couple of days ago

without her

then was pretty sure

it is down to these two

Nike Flex or Puma Carson Runner


Nike Flex or Puma Carson Runner


the pair of Nike Flex on display

was size 38 and

I was actually telling my dad

how nice if they have 39 and

I could probably fit in

but indeed Puma Carson Runner Jr.

has size 39

Puma Carson Runner Jr.


so I actually got two pairs

I am not too sure

this gonna break my vow of

not buying any sneakers for myself

for the entire year of 2015

I am so close to

achieving the goal already


okay let’s put it this way

I gonna buy this pair and

give it to her mom

as she steals my sneakers anyway

hopefully she will return the pair of

ZX she just took from me last week

since she has this pair of Puma right now

Puma Carson Runner Jr.


oh this could be a pair

shared by me and her

so technically speaking

I have not broken my vow


really cute stuff from Coca-cola

1 bucks for purchase above 100 MYR

Coca-cola polar tee


I am not really interested in

wearing shirts with huge Coke logo around

but hey they have this awesome stuff too

but bleah.. it doesn’t work this way

first of all you gonna own a bf

before you can grab this or

the polar shirts above

ok fine

Coca-cola chambray shirt


bought my mom some clothes too

while waiting for my mom

the kid invited me to

let’s put on our sneakers

but her new kicks definitely look

100x better than the grandma slippers



and got my mom a Fossil purse too

the one I got her is almost worn out

I would have forgotten about Fossil

but thanks to their

marketing strategies of

sending Whatsapp text on

available promotions

damn.. how did they have my contact

in the first place

ahh… it must be the adidas watch

I bought here like

4 years back?



a little something for myself too

btw this will not break the vow of

no-shopping-for-2015 as

this is a necessity

I wear jogging shorts at work

and these are the most comfortable thing ever


I never expect this

I was looking for size S, M confidently

should be able to fit in

then ended up fitting well in XXL

damn.. the sizing is wrong

I guess

Puma shorts


when you were an OL

you went shopping in shorts and shirts

as you loathe the days of

dresses and formal pants


when you are no longer one

you miss the time of

dressing up to go work and

you make believe you are

an OL who steals time from work

as you have been in shorts all day long



what kind of mentality is that

I wish I know the answer too


by the way

have researched a little bit about

this Carson Runner

I guess it is quite a popular range

as they have so many different models

Puma Carson Runner Men Pwrcool Running Shoes - black-white USD 70.00Puma Carson Runner Knit Men Running Shoes - periscope-black USD 65.00Puma Carson Runner Quilt Men Running Shoes - black-periscope-white USD 65.00Puma Carson Runner Glitch Women Running Shoes - black-white USD 65.00Puma Carson Runner Heather Women Running Shoes - gray-white-bright plasma USD 65.00Puma Carson Runner Herring Men Running Shoes - black-steel gray-high risk red USD 65.00


not forgetting the classic

Puma Carson Runner Men Running Shoes - black-strong blue USD 65.00

versus a junior classic

Puma Carson Runner Jr - black-puma silver USD 50.00


actually I was also curious

how much it costs in the U.S. and


what’s the deal they are offering for

the infamous Black Friday sales and


what’s the price difference between

the adult range and the junior range


alright the answer is clear

they are offering 30% storewide

the adult range retails at 65 USD while

the junior range retails at 50 USD


so it’s indeed cheaper

for those out there who can

fit into size 39 or below


that was the pair I initially thought

my niece would want to buy

when I went for a pre-survey

Puma goes well with red

probably because

that’s their brand identity and

they have their Puma X Ferrari series

Puma Carson Runner Jr - geranium white USD 50.00


but we ended buying these

I wouldn’t have thought of

buying the pair in size 39

if she was to choose the red pair

but anyway it was really comfortable


Puma Carson Runner Jr - poseidon USD 50.00


all my life

I own 3 pairs of Puma

excluding this one of course

hey I am buying this for my sis

including the very first pair of sneakers

my dad bought me when I was

can’t really remember the age

but yeah

it was a pair of Puma


thanksgiving, indeed

buying a little something for

people around you for

being there for you

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