Saturday, October 31, 2015

Work N’ Travel X Getting Better: October

it has been a great month

new achievement(s) unlocked


01 – Work

sales of the year with

stable flow of jobs

proper time management

nothing really upsetting


02 – Travel

work n’ travel with

better e-mail management

during the previous case

I actually wasn’t prepared that

Gmail is no longer workable in China


this time round I was triple-prepared

setting up email forwarding to Hotmail

IMAP or whatever you call it to QQ and

a desktop-based email client Foxmail


with different degrees of success

Hotmail worked the best

QQ Mail works.. with delay and

Foxmail didn’t work at all


smooth incoming and submission processes

except once incident


surprisingly it was in Seoul

the Internet got disconnected at 2 a.m.

I was one step away from submission


because the entire floor

in fact the entire residence

was switching to IPTV with individual modem


oh come on

I already got those in

my express hotel in China

like quite some times ago


you mean my hotel in Seoul

was just about to switch to IPTV

at the time when I really needed the Internet


woke up at 7 and still the same

walked down to the lobby

completed the submission and


did another project while

listening to conversations at

breakfast tables of

people across countries


eavesdropping is a very built-in

ability of mine

probably as I am used to

listening to radio while working


the rest were just fine

but at times due to work

like I slept very late and

woke up to continue working


I started my city wandering

after 1 in the afternoon

directly skipping to a brunch


that’s like almost half of the day gone

thank goodness I travelled with my dad

and he understands and

is perfectly understanding

in terms of my timelines and working hours


that would build a good foundation for

my “Work n’ Travel” plan for

a longer period of time

not that I have any now


but if I do

I am now better used to the pace of

working anytime anywhere

especially if I am travelling


03 – Personal

travelling is the best reward

I can pamper myself with

that’s nothing I can ask for


in the mean time

I shall work hard for the winter

until the next island vacay

scheduled for


work hard to shed off the

extra pound gained during

the 2 weeks of compulsive eating too


till then,

Happy Halloween




I just paid for a set of new Peanuts toy from eBay

soon the movie is hitting the theatre

soon it will be Christmas

soon the year is ending


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