Monday, November 30, 2015

Can’t Think of X A Real Good Title: MOVEmber

it has been a long day

usually that wasn’t the case

like I slept at 2:30 this morning


yet got myself to wake up by 6

to get started with

a project due tomorrow


not sure

I just got the hunch that

today was going to be a busy day


so instead of waking up at 10

I got my first project done by 10

and went on to do the second


could have finished earlier

something dumb happened

unsaved file, Word got shut down

no auto-saved copy


it took me another 1 hours

to practically type out and

realign the data

which happened to be

some figures in table form


the next job was spent

on some figures in table form again

and this time round

with some chemical terms


double killers

Chemistry X Maths

not that I have to calculate everything


one can be so unbelievably

awkward with Maths that

from time to time

I lost my way in the middle of

merely copying the numbers


and the afternoon was spent

checking some weekend work

the kinda problematic 600+

screen captures


that took me like another 3 hours

reviewing fuzzy match, spell check etc

out of the 600+ files


chase the noisy bunch out

they went Monday shopping without me

which left me some quiet time or


I would have shouted at

any innocent victim

who happened to

bang the door

shout at each other etc


got back to the

Chemistry X Maths task

thank goodness

the toughest part is over


chemistry element names

have got hold of most of them

like the most awkward part being

I don’t even know how they are


supposed to be pronounced in Mandarin

like I know as two words instead of one

don’t even know how

to look up for it



工 + 水 = 汞 = Mercury


got everything done by 10 p.m.

not too bad

have cleared all the invoices too

not to say that

those invoices have been cleared


I have sent them off

I have cleared my part, I mean


a typical really-busy day of

a freelancer


the entire month has been

I would say

quite a positive one


sales didn’t plunge

as I expected it to be


sort of like a

post-vacation karma

which I experienced

during the previous trip

back in June

3 weeks of idleness


and definitely sleep very little

even if I finish off early

hanging around

catching up with the

newly-found favorite series


54 episodes in 10 days

and the Prince KKW 王凯 took over

spamming my own blog

with his lookbook,

his series etc..


to the current very hardcore

screen capture the favourite scenes

and compile them into posts

along with the lines

and I doubt this gonna stop

anytime soon


like there’s 1 series on TV right now

1 pending one from 2 months back

1 premiering 2 days later

and I am still actually


catching up with the one last year


I am watching Communist-genre

since my favourite boy is in there


that kind of series

I would not think twice to

switch channel from

1 or 2 months ago


with the pretext that

I would wanna buck up on

my Chinese history


sorry Eddie Peng!

I am not longer eddicted

like how I did


and like all of the sudden

writing in Chinese again

like way out of proportion


December looks promising

last December was the month

I was seriously wishing

to work as a fulltime freelancer


just keep up with

the figure this month

and I am on my way to

hit the annual one-person company goal

which I just readjusted last month

since good thing can get better


and the 1-year-zero-shopping pledge

one more month and

there I am


may head out

for a day of two

spare me a day of two

to make that meet-up happens


and I would be more than happy to

work hard for the entire month

including Christmas Eve and

New Year’s Eve


by the way

I have been making effort to

talk to people again

isn’t that a good news


I mean talking to them on Facebook

telling them that

I survive and am now fine

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