Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sudden Bend X Upward Trend: When September Ends: ….

still having quite some

hectic workloads in front of me

yet insisting to finish this post

before the clock hits 12


September has been

neither hitting a new high like Aug

nor trapped in gap days like July


in other words

it has been smooth sailing

despite a minor incident which

landed me quite frustrated

Sickly X Raining: Frustrating!


towards the end of the month

not doing too bad but

things were pretty slow

that is quite an alarm for me

if everything is pretty slow

all the way…


October is going to be tough as

I am officially taking

2nd half of the month off for

“work and travel”


I spent my time

blogging and doing travel research

at “office hours”

until yesterday afternoon


got two projects of moderate volume

and one of minor volume

juggling among 3

I stayed up until 2am


and today

after submitting the minor project

settled to work on the other 2

deadlines are respectively in

1 and 2 days time

manageable.. I guess


got another minor project

and another two massive one

and then another minor one

coming in around 7 something



that would be 1, 2, 3…

I better create a chart then

that’s helpful for me too, isn’t it


my project list as of

11pm/Wed/Sep 30, 2015

  Industry Due date Volume Progress
Press release Housing 9am, Thu Small Done, waiting to be review
Survey Devices pm, Thu Medium Done, waiting to be review
Exhibition material Textile am, Fri Medium Pre-research
Survey Banking EOD, Fri Small-Med Zero
Survey responses Ad for a Mobile Device am, Mon Large Glance through..
Court papers Legal next Thu Large Glance through…


still quite manageable I guess

I love the feeling knowing that

I will be all occupied until

end of the week and even further


that’s pretty much the

sense of insecurity I suffer

as a freelance

whenever I have nothing in hand


another good news

guess what

today is the last day of September

since all the projects will be

delivered in October

they contribute to my sales in Oct

make sense, right?


in other words

I have actually hit

the monthly minimum target

for October even before the month started

a new record, for sure


and I can go on to

take my two weeks off

without much concern over sales


but feel free to disturb me

my beloved clients

24/7 at your service

from any part of the world


as you can see

I got projects across different industries

that’s one of the main reasons why

I enjoy doing translation more than

everything else I have ever done


knowing a bit more

about everything

across different industries and countries

as I hop onto a new project


by the way

September, 30 is actually

the International Translation Day

I just realized that not too long ago too

45 minutes more to finish this blog



on the personal side

life has been

I would say back on the track as


I found the motivation to

blog day and night


I found the way to

fit in my most skinny jeans again



I found the right time to

pick up the pencil to

start sketching a birthday card

from scratch in A3 size


looking forward to October

before that…

let’s get back to work

the project list up there



are called deadlines

for a reason..

if you don’t hit the timeline

you are so totally dead


until then,

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