Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sickly X Raining: Frustrating!

came across the

most frustrated incident ever

throughout my entire career


a client sent me a file yesterday

to be translated into 2 languages

about 1k word

so I did immediately

spending around 4 hours


then today

final review before delivery

then he dropped me an email

with two reference files in there

which I am supposed to refer to

as reference so that

the consistency is maintained


okay fine

so I did

spending another 2 hours

feeling a little dubious

the content is 90% the same


if he should have sent this earlier

it could have saved me loads of time


or even this job shouldn’t even be assigned

in the first place

just translate the minor amendment will do


hours later

yes!! I mean no!!

he dropped another text

saying that looks like we have made a mistake


all I have to do is to translate the

red text highlighted in red

which is like less than 100 words

and asking me to reorganize the thing and

sent it back?


in order words,

erase whatever has been done

and just focus on the 10%




and more frustration!!


6 hours of work

gone to waste

which is something so

totally prevent-able


okay this is so far the worst

the worse is not to come

I hope


posted on


2:05 p.m.


reedited the date

as I don’t want it to mess with

my travelogue series

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