Friday, September 25, 2015

Liu Wen X Siwon: Seoul It’s About H&M

it was kinda interesting

I have heard of one before

like fans of two individuals artists

especially a couple/former couple

in a war to defend their idols


so Siwon spoke via a

live-chat session with fans that

he is single and if

anyone know any good girl,

introduce to him


and he went on to emphasize on RIGHT NOW

and when fan replied he is lying

he stood up and took off his jacket

said see, that’s no girl hiding anywhere


and that sparkled a cyber war between

- die-hard fans of Siwon

- die-hard fans of Liu Wen

- die-hard Liu Wen X Siwon fan

  a.k.a. The Cp(couple) fan

- indifference onlookers


looked like everything everyone was saying

sound quite reasonable too

so which is which?


and the next morning

Liu Wen posted a photo

Morning, Seoul

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 02


that sparked off some speculations 

and today everything is revealed


they are in for H&M 2016 Lunar New Year campaign


Liu Wen has been with H&M for a couple of years

no matter what it is

good to see them back


as what Siwon was saying

he is so “versatile”

at times he is just joking

to ease the atmosphere

so we don’t really know if

he means it when he said

he is single, RIGHT NOW


even if he is

what does it has to do with us

they were in a reality show as a couple

a show is after all still a show



every single day

there are male and female artists

working together for such shooting

it doesn’t necessary mean they are a couple

although a large group of fans wish they are

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 016Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 01Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 02

as posted by Liu Wen on Weibo

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 04

anyway she posted a different photo on

Facebook and Instagram

with a more official caption too

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 05


so I kinda mark myself

in between a fan of Liu Wen and

a fan of the couple if

they are really one


because of Liu Wen

I am suddenly following the

Big Four Fashion weeks 


instead of what’s being showcased

on the runway

what attracted me more is

her street-looks

instead of what’s being showcased

on the runway

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 08Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 03Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 04Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 03Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 05Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 06Liu Wen 刘雯 X Sneakers 07Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 05Liu Wen 刘雯 X White SneakersLiu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 07[3]


just perfect!!

Liu Wen 刘雯 X White Sneakers 06


how difficult it is

when Siwon started being serious

and retweeted his stance on LGBT

it sparked off some back-fire

people were upset


he posted another 5-6 Tweets of

apology statements

and soon deleted everything

some of them went like this:


I apologize for my inconsiderate choice

to retweet Rev.Piper’s tweet

Reason I echoed Rev. Piper’s thoughts was

because I wished to voice a plurality of opinions.

However, now I realize that my comments were

hurtful to those whom I hold dearest :

my fans, and their friends and families


Whoever is careless with the truth in

small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

- Albert Einstein


he once posted this

2 weeks ago

which was deleted too


poor Siwon

he could be quite confused too

wonder if he has a personal

Social Media assistant to handle

4.95m fans on Twitter

16m on Weibo

2.2m on Instagram


not forgetting

numerous official and unofficial fan pages

dedicated to SJ, Siwon, Siwon X LiuWen

etc etc etc


that makes an interesting case study

from a PR perspective



thanks to H&M for

bringing them together again

always looking so lovely together

Liu Wen 刘雯 X Choi Siwon 崔始源 H&M 2016 03

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