Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Biz Date with the World X 與世界做生意:A 7-Epi Documentary

one of my all-time fav documentaries by CCTV

from the very typical Made in China

manufacturing, construction,

plantation business 


to architectural firm,

animation, tech biz

import of cultural performances 


to fashion runway in NYC

(Liu Wen was in there)

Kung-fu schools, grasslands in the U.S.


Chinese homestay in India

Chinese plants in Africa

building port in Qatar 

the Chinese barbers in Spanish towns

just to name a few



globalization from the

Chinese point of view


the two-way traffic of

how the world is making an impact on China

and vice versa


one unexplainable features about

CCTV documentaries are


somehow it’s filled with emotions

about the people underneath the stories

no matter what the topic is about


I hate to say this

like certain moments could

even bring tears 


how I came across this

it always happens 

one of the nights

waking up in hotel

that is nothing but the TV


tuning from one channels to another

watching some, fell asleep


and I found this and

actually sat up to watch


in the middle

my dad woke up

watching some and he got K.O.


and I went on, until 4am I think

5 episodes, now that I checked back 

that’s really a new record 

for a documentary


與世界做生意 / A Biz Date with the World / ep 1/7 



that’s how an old folk spends

her Saturday night

and sometimes on Sunday afternoon too


documentaries or rather

non-entertainment shows 

have been taking up

a bigger and bigger chunk of

my TV time

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