Monday, September 28, 2015

✈ShenZhen X ✈Incheon: Seoul Random

officially taking 2 weeks off


for the second half of October


tickets to Shenzhen

booked 3 weeks ago

pretty well-planned

flying to Shenzhen for a transit

heading to some inland cities via

High Speed Rail


followed by Seoul

2 days later


my sis has been bugging me recently

I thought she was just joking

I mean ya sometimes

you told someone

let’s plan a trip together next time

you don’t actually mean it

who knows


but recent few days

looked like she is in for real

entrusted me for ticket booking and

some itinerary planning



I have no idea how

because Seoul has never been

on my travel list and


with my zero exposure to

Kpop, Kdrama etc

with the exception of Choi Siwon

thanks to his appearance in

Chinese movies and reality show  



as promoted by the Korean Tourism Organization

is somehow a tough exercise for me



if you are telling me

let’s plan a trip to

Tibet or even Dunhuang

I can name you some

must-visit places on my list


no matter what it’s

tickets have been booked 

to explore the city

way beyond my scope of imagination



information is abundant

either in English / Chinese

therefore research is not

so much of an issue


and I did ask around too

I bet those who were asked

were pretty surprised too

as the person who never goes

anywhere else but China


Mag who just came back

from a wedding in Seoul

was kind enough to

immediately send me an itinerary and

even some budget sheets in xls



however the other issue

remains unsolved

my sister and a friend

new travel partners

that’s something of

a bigger concern to me


What would they like to do?

What would they like to eat?

Where would they like to go?


Are they okay with public transport?

Apparently not very used to

Are they okay with youth hostel?

Obviously… NO


just go and have fun,

wouldn’t you?

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