Saturday, October 3, 2015

Work-High X More Deadlines: Hyper Night

it’s almost 3 in the morning

just submitted a task

a couple of minutes ago


not sure if I should take a “nap”

or move on to the next

somehow not sleepy


not sure which contributes to this more


I was drop-dead tired yesterday

having working until 2am

for the past few days

fell asleep at 8 pm yesterday

to wake up on a raining morning

a 12-hour sleep definitely do some good



the more you work

the less tired you are

and you can just keep going


as compared to my work-list on Wednesday night

Sudden Bend X Upward Trend: When September Ends: ….

yup.. some can be ticked off


yet there are add-ons in

totally different volumes


and by the way, the task I have

labeled as Small-med volume

looked like it was a misjudgment

it took me 16 hours in total


my work list as of 3am/Sat/Oct, 03

  Industry Due date Volume Progress
Press release Housing 9am, Thu Small Done, waiting to be review
Survey Devices pm, Thu Medium Done, waiting to be review
Exhibition material Textile am, Fri Medium Pre-research
Survey Banking EOD, Fri Small-Med Zero
Survey responses Ad for a Mobile Device am, Mon Large Glance through..
Court papers Legal next Thu Large Glance through…
Exhibition material Textile am, Mon Medium from above-listed task
Survey Banking soon.. Small from above-listed task
Papers NGO Wed (thank goodness its EDT) Large Glance through…


and there is slight changed

in terms of earlier deadline

for one of the major projects

as client wants it urgently

oh my…


it was initially agreed as Monday

then client was asking if I can re-estimate 

I gave Sunday morning


who works on a Sunday morning?

yes I do.. always


and he was asking to push it to

Saturday afternoon

which is like pretty soon isn’t it?

no worries 


an absolutely packed weekend

and it goes on.. and on…

I am looking forward to work on the

NGO papers actually pretty soon


but first..

let’s clear whatever are pending

with more urgent deadlines 


happened to come across this article

before I started the post

at the middle of the night

when your mind is still working at

an incontrollable rate and


there’s nobody you can talk

that’s something to

give a pat on your shoulder

sounds creepy…. though



5 reasons to be proud on your job as a translator

  • We make things available to the world
  • We are good in keeping secrets
  • We are front-runners in a fast-changing industry
  • We are specialists
  • We are indispensable


another new record has been achieved today

I have been working on my desk

all day long without

moving to the bed or floor

simply because the tasks require

loads of mouse until

I moved on to post


usually I move around a lot

or I work in bed the whole day

days away from the desk


finally settling comfortably at the corner

leaning on the window

laying my two feet comfortably


till then,

let’s get back to work

*starving and striving…*

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