Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Balanced X Movin’ Forward: Great August

it has been a real good month



still remembered pretty clearly

1st Aug was a Saturday

I was pretty lazy to get out of bed

not checking email until noon


Wow really?

got 2 incoming new projects

one around 12am, another around 2am

Do my clients even sleep?

They are those from the same time zone


that’s motivating

for a Saturday morning

for a first day of the month


the steady flow of jobs

continued throughout the month

steady is the right word

busy but manageable and


no long gap of jobless days

those gap days can really kill me badly


at one point of time

I even turned down jobs

not from the regular one, of course

because my schedule was pretty tied-up


by end of the month

reaping pretty good sales volume 

one of the best since establishment


and on top of that

venturing into totally fresh content

getting in contact with whole new clients

hearing from previous clients after some times

those goals have all been achieved 


best of all

it has been quite a real good month



I still manage to catch in-between breaks

weekday’s hangouts

weekday’s movie

weekday’s breakfast outings

evening walks (lesser by a great extend)

trip planning & reading up

TV hour with the family

documentaries marathon all by myself

trip and transport planning

messing around in the kitchen


but I must admit that

I did so much lesser house chores

that was what I pledged to myself

to take up all the cleaning work

in the household or

at least the quick one like

mopping and sweeping


moving forward

as the scale is set back to zero

somehow don’t know what to expect

hoping to keep the momentum

that’s the best I can ask for

and nothing more

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