Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tesco X Marvel & Pixar: Friends and Heroes

isn’t it nice to be greeted by this

and they are all over the place in there

Tesco Heroes and Friends 01


stamp collection scheme

50 RM for one stamp

10 stamps for a free toy

or with 5 stamps, just top up 4.90 RM

Tesco Heroes and Friends 02


and certain products come with

extra stamps but

the bonus is subjected to

maximum of two extra stamps for

purchase above 100 RM,

and one for transaction of RM 50

Tesco Heroes and Friends 03


alright I got mine, by topping up 4.90 RM

the issue was

all the 8 models come in the same box

so that’s no way to guess

which one you are actually getting

that’ bad

Tesco Heroes and Friends 04


because I do not one any of the

Marvel heroes

I want the Monsters and

and after having them

don’t mind having the Toy Story’s duo


and sealed in a black bag

such high level of confidentiality

Tesco Heroes and Friends 05


but the girl in charge

she actually figured out which box

contains Mike because

its shape is more compact, when

she gave the box a shake

and weights heavier

compared to the rest

who are quite “human”


so she is right,

thank goodness

Tesco Heroes and Friends 06 Mike


there’s a marker pen on top of the cap

where my finger was

Tesco Heroes and Friends 07 Mike


my extra stamp from Chips More

reserve it for the next round

but these stamps are really adorable, right

Tesco Heroes and Friends 06

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