Friday, November 1, 2013

Chambray Jacket X Little Grey Dress: T.G.I.F. Mess

chambray jacket x little grey dress

when  I know I am up to a challenging day ahead

and probably could be shitty

well, anything could happen under this roof

then I would love to put on my favourite piece


because I do believe that

dressing up in the way you like

indeed could lift your mood for the day 


10 a.m. consultation class

indeed it turned out

not that great indeed

when my ex BFF did not turn up for the

consultation session


not difficult to guess

she did not finish her portion of work

and someone was saying that

she hung over

well it’s Halloween night

so it’s perfectly normal for

people to go party and

leave their work behind

since the work is not that important anyway


came to think of it

let’s look at some background info about

this particular group project

6 members in a group

there are 5 segments


a tourism proposal

done under the Edward’s Six Hat method

this method is actually quite relevant for

proposal writing

even better than S.W.O.T. analysis


White Hat – background information

Yellow – why it should be done & why it will work

Red – emotional reaction from the people

Black – why it shouldn’t be done & wouldn’t work

Green -  recommendation to solve Black’s


the role of Blue hat (unfortunately)

is taken up by the lecturer

it is about weighing all the rest and

decide whether it’s a Y/N


oh yay you see!!

blue is a born leader


so initially I already took up the

tougher of the two hats

which are the Red and the Black

and those points I put forward were

already approved by the lecturer


I did a pretty neat mind map

which he even borrowed to

use as example during discussion with

the other group, i.e. our competitor


so basically my work for this

is almost done you see

but since Green hat was not turning up


it’s not difficult to guess that

not a single shit has been done about it yet


and since Green Hat is supposed to solve

the problems proposed by Black Hat

then of course it bounced back to me

why don’t I just do it instead


so I spent some time drafting suggestions

showing it to the lecturer

he gave some feedbacks

some real solid recommendations

and so hence I guess now

I have to wear another hat



you see,

White Hat is about basic info

Yellow Hat is about advantages


since I have already done the 3 tougher one

it is not too difficult if

I could have completed the

whole bloody 60 marks assignments on my own


aha never mind

at least the Yellow Hat is doing her job

it is not doing her justice to say so



what’s fairness, what’s justice

I have already learnt to

dump all these away 

after having been dealing with

all these group assignments


group assignment doesn’t teach me the

so-called team-work

it teaches me how to sail through a sea of

liars, excuse-finders, procrastinators,

drama queens & kings   



things that you can never learnt

even at the best university in

the whole wide world

and you probably can’t hire and pay

someone to teach you


you name it,

what doesn’t kill you

make you stronger

and it does make me way stronger


12:30 p.m. PSA recording

need to re-record a 30 seconds PSA

since I wrote the script

and I am sick of asking if anyone else would do it

I recorded 4 versions

which to the lecturer was like so crappy


firstly, he thinks my voice

sounds like the children character in horror movie

what the fuck


he commented this in front of everyone:

“Have you seen those horror movie trailer

with children in there?

Steph I think you seriously should consider

applying for a job as the voice talent.

This is not an insult,

I am real serious about this”


secondly, he thinks

I have pronunciation issue

which is not up to the standard of proper English


thirdly, he thinks

I could have drunk two bottles of

Red Bull or Livita

before the recording


and another two reasons

which finally do not have anything to

do with my eerie voice

in short, we have to do it again


and for real

I am not going to do it again


luckily enough

caught a classmate who did the best PSA

she attended American international school

and she helped us to record


while another sign off message

which we managed to

get a lecturer to do it



done within half an hour


1:00 p.m. dissertation consultation

my tutor actually commented that

this is an “A” thesis

so what I am left with is

some wrap ups


he is a chatty man

and could go on talking

for hours, trust me


but it feels nice to engage in conversation

with such knowledgeable person

who can basically talk about

China Communism back in the 1980’s

all the way to the capitalism today

then to CIA agents,

to driving ethic in US which is lacking here


and he knows so much about Chinese

that he could comment on

the mainland-HK-TW issue

all the way to Tibet


how does the

Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Hai Nan clans

landed in Malaysia and Singapore

that’s interesting

I didn’t even know,

shamefully speaking as a Chinese  


so according to him

Cantoneses came because of the mining sector

Hakkas were brought in due to plantation


Hokkiens were mainly small traders

that’s why they are rich

as a Hokkien,

oh come one I don’t think so,

because I am quite poverty-stricken, really


Hai Lam see themselves one level higher

than the rest of the clan

because they followed the British here

since they have been working in British families as

cook, domestic helper, driver and etc


he said that’s why

they speak louder than the rest)



but oh, it was past two p.m. already


to wrap up

this is a fruitful Friday on university


time to go

got a text from mom and dad respectively

urging me to go home

since tomorrow is a public holiday

hence there is no class

that’s right I have been having Saturday class


but decided to stay back

and get the works done

a weekend “stuck” here

could be translated into load progress

and sail through Monday blue, in cool 


heading back to dorm

for a Friday Lunch’s Special and

a long cozy nap


life’s good and

nothing could stop me from

enjoying it with my own ways 


Update of event

two days later,

on a sunny Sunday afternoon..


and I got this text



as I was saying

I wasn’t really mind doing 3/5 of the assignment

but it’s the attitude of people which pissed me off


so a person could suddenly wake up on

Sunday, realizing she

has already missed a consultation on Friday

all so confused as to what she is supposed to do


unfortunately enough

I am such a bad leader

not only failed to give clear instruction

but so not approachable that

my beloved ex bff is too scared to

approach me for

what she is supposed to do now


and I wasn’t the one who

is assigning Green Hat to her

(which is now thrown back to me)

she volunteered to do it because

she did not participate at the other assignment

which consists of

video/Facebook page (with content)/PSA/poster


information has been supplied on Thursday

and when I checked back now

it has been read, immediately

but no response has been given

so it’s my fault to assume that

she understands what to do

photo (1)


it’s alright

at least she is doing the compilation

which none of us in the group can do

compilation which is so damn important that

I am going to bow to her

in order to express my highest gratitude for

her contribution,in spite of

her hectic schedules


What the heck man

I thought going for internship will

teach a person who has zero working experience to

appreciate her group mate who

do all the work better


but it hasn’t

my lecturer was very right

the problem with young people nowadays is

they are creative in the wrong way

they pick up all the bad attitudes 

which they supposed to learn later at work

and apply them way too earlier at school


keep calm and eat your lunch, Steph

life’s good and

nothing could stop me from

enjoying it with my own ways 


and I would always remind myself to

put on that smile as my protection mask

when I am at school tomorrow


now I begin to see

if I ever get Monday Blue

it’s less about the work

it’s the people that I have to face

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