Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dumb Lyric X Childish Video: Don’t Like It, So?

I enjoy writing stuffs with

same ending rhythm

Basically word-playing

Not exactly poem or anything formal


And since we are doing a

Anti cybercrime campaign

I came out with this lyric

And my super talented team mate, Vivian

Composes /arranges and sings the song


And since I wrote the lyrics

Quite in a chronically neat story line

It actually solved the viral video part

Because a story line is built

Simply based on the lyrics


And then since there is video

Why don't we make a lyric video


So I started making one

Just a simple one on

Window movie maker


And here you are


I did all the way until past 2am

It has been awhile

I haven't been burning midnight oil

So it actually gave me quite

some satisfaction


And lyric video may seem easy

But I made five versions in total

adjusting the timing here and there


With Vivian as the previewer

Because the one who makes it

Tend to have this blind spot of

Reviewing own's stuffs


And we were actually having fun

Thinking that we have actually

Gave the song a lyric video that

It deserved to


Straight to bed

After it's done and shared out


Until in the morning

I got the first feedback

From my very own group member

photo 3


And damn

It made me feel so bad that

was actually crying helplessly


Probably it's all the stress that

Have been accumulating all these days

And I was torn badly with this strike


Although I was always telling myself

To keep calm and keep moving

Let them do what they want

And it's not going to harm me


I am willing to do more

Not on behalf of them

But for my own sake

So it doesn't matter


But how on earth could people

Just lash out like this

As if I am a bad sheep of the group

Trying to bring the team down


So I probably learn something new

For the extra mileage in group work

Not only people wouldn't thank you

They would even think

you are being quite an idiot


And all I replied to her is

"okay, will get it removed"

Which I did immediately


But for sure, I am not

Doing another lyric video for them


For myself this is good enough

And I rather spend the time blogging

Provided that I really have the time

(Now I am blogging on a 2-hrs bus trip)


And for the constructive criticism

My group mate has listed down in details

I would like to justify them

One by one


I will never waste the time to

Justify it to her

Which I think probably will turn

Into something nasty

I don't know and

I am sick of them, really



She herself has posted the quotes

On the Facebook page we created

So if she thinks they are so kiddish

Why bothered to use it

photo 4


(2) our music video is also

Based on fun, humour scenes

As you could see

So I don't see anything wrong with

The lyric video really

photo 2


(3) we the lyric writer and

composer cum singer know the

Feel and flow of the song,

We as much as she wants

Do not want to destroy the song

As she thinks we are doing


(4) colorful is something

not professional and childish?

But we have been sharing colorful

Info graphics on the page too?

And they are done by

established organizations such as

Rakuten, PayPal etc



(5) most importantly

Online shopping awareness campaign

The target audience is definitely

Not looking for something boring

Just professional lyric


but anyway I am already tired

She could criticize all she wants

And definitely this is not gonna

Affect me, not at all


And thank you for showing this

Very truthfully voice

Which I have never seen

Through out the 6 semesters

We have been sitting under

the same roof


Two more classes we are

Meeting each other as team mate and

I shall show my most gracious self

To you and to the rest


As I have always reminded myself

Smile is the best mask

And I will always wear it with me

As long as I will come across

Hazards like this


Better smile than sorry

Why bothered about being moody

Let's just take this easy

And soon you're out of this, baby!

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