Friday, October 4, 2013

Stephout Lab: 7 Benefits of Weight Trimming for Style

#1 Fitting into all the clothes that

you never thought you could

  • cropped tees
  • high rise non-elastic denim shorts
  • low rise without the extra round of fats
  • and best of all, BIKINIS!



#2 Better balancing on high heels

walk on with confidence

high heels accentuate the shape of your legs

fit pair of thighs simply become killer legs


#3 Focus on your smile during photo-taking

can just forget about hiding your arms

holding your breathe for a leaner tummy


#4 Shop for less

  • so much more choices at teens department
  • marked-down items are usually XS or S
  • free size dresses at budget store


#5 Preppy is for the skinny

oversized boyfriend jeans X plain white tees

if you have those extra inches under the oversized

it’s interpreted as a fat-hiding tactic

but if you are down right lean, it’s all so sexy


#6 Express Impress

  • bumping into the stupid ex boyfie
  • high-school reunion party
  • wedding party with tonnes of distant cousins


#7 it’s more eco-friendly indeed

less cloth

less water you waste, washing your pair of jeans

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