Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guest for Guess: Shawn’s Best

it appears that I have kinda

diverted attention from Shawn for some time

not really, actually


quoting what he said


we are only common humans,

with too little ability

yet too many hobbies


I practice what he preaches

he has got this like reserved status

although I could be saying

some other days

how mesmerizing Feng Shao Feng is or

how Mark Mark is so attention capturing


his personal favourite are all those

really vintage Rolex timepieces

but I guess Guess is using the right tactic to

appoint him as an ambassador because


I mean the whole package of his is just right



Shawn X Guess Watch 13Shawn X Guess Watch 05Shawn X Guess Watch 08Shawn X Guess Watch 04Shawn X Guess Watch 09Shawn X Guess Watch 12

Shawn X Guess Watch 07Shawn X Guess Watch 03Shawn X Guess Watch 02Shawn X Guess Watch 06Shawn X Guess Watch 10Shawn X Guess Watch 11

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