Monday, October 14, 2013

Stephelle’s Kitchen: Tofusion

tofu is a great ingredient

bland, but exactly it is this blandness that

makes it fitting perfectly into any recipe of your choice


it is a good source of protein

hooray for the non-meat eaters


it gives satiety/ filling satisfaction

yet the calories are like so so low

hooray for the on-diet-eaters


pressed tofu was what I came across and bought

literally, pressed to get rid of the moist

so that more flavour can be absorbed


(i) spicy Tofu stew,

I would like it to look like MaPo Tofu 麻婆豆腐

but the sauce is a little too running

spicy Tofu stew


(ii) baked bean tofu salad

baked bean tofu salad


(iii) spicy tofu soup

I wish I have tomyam paste to

spice up and sourize the soup

spicy tofu soup



apology for the presentation

will work harder on this segment

but taste wise…

hey don’t you dare to hesitate and doubt 

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