Friday, June 2, 2017

First Booking X via Klook: Disneyland or Sea?

were planning to book our

Disneyland ticket online


cookies ad is a norm

like whatever you have

discussed / browsed / etc

will appear as ad

so i first came across

the sponsored ad by Kkday


the price wasn’t really

different from the onsite price

so was just waiting to see

they came out with better promo


in the mean time

i discovered Klook

it was actually thanks to my work

was actually compiling some responses

regarding commonly-used travel apps

across Asia Pacific countries



so pretty soon

i got sponsored ad from them too

and it’s actually cheaper

Klook Disneyland

so i had actually made up

my mind to book from them

moreover there is further discount

utilizing their summer sales

Klook promo



this suddenly popped up

as sponsored ad again

Klook promo


comparing the two

Klook promo

so i ended up

using the second promo code

Klook promo


instant confirmation

with more destination specific

promos to make use of

Klook promo


and this is how the ticket looks like

hard copy is required for admission

and it’s a copy per person

i.e. 7 print outs for 7 people

Klook Disneyland ticket


direct admission

and if you were like to

redeem for the cute ticket

you just proceed to the ticket booth

it’s 700 yen per ticket


final question?

is it actually cheaper

than buying directly

from the official site

or ticket booth?


yes it is

i roughly calculated

it would have cost me

(7400 * 5) + (4800 * 2)

= 46,600 Yen

roughly about 417 USD


plus the convenience of

payment via PayPal


as compared to

the heartache of

parting with 50k yen

it definitely felt less painful

to click on the Pay button as below

PayPal, just pay it


that’s why online shopping

is an extremely dangerous “sport”

as compared to in-store shopping

and damn it doesn’t burn

any calories


by the way

there come the question

our ticket allows admission to

either Disneyland or Disneysea


heard Disneysea is good

and that’s the only one on earth

which one should we head to?


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