Friday, June 9, 2017

Meet Debby X My Ex Homie: And We’re Heading to Krabi


no the day before


8 something in the morning

waking up to find

a text from a friend

i have not met for ages


she texted me 7 something

in the morning

that’s rare wow

asking how am i doing


and within 10 sentences

we actually decided that

we should really meet up


and ended up planning a trip

together for real!!


and yeah

not for the sake of saying!


like sometimes

when you tell another person like

we should plan a trip together


you actually don’t mean it

or even if you do

the other person who

immediately answered yeah

actually doesn’t mind it too


and the trip shall

never ever happen

in years to come


by 8:20 AM

i was looking on AirAsia

since she suggested Phuket

AirAsia booking


i actually didn’t mean

to fix the destination as Phuket

but was just randomly looking

with a random date


and i must say that

the flight ticket

is kinda tempting


i went back to work

waiting for her to

finalize the dates

which coincides with

her firm holidays


by 10:30 AM

we had the dates locked down

AirAsia bookingAirAsia booking


by 10:45 AM

we decided to go to Krabi instead

(1) less commercialized

(2) i.e. cheaper

(3) i have not been there

AirAsia bookingAirAsia booking


by 11 AM

realizing that she needs to apply leave

missed out that line

thank goodness i scrolled back

looking for her info for booking

so we decided to fly on a Saturday

seriously cheap

for a public holiday cum weekend

AirAsia bookingAirAsia booking


by 11:15 AM


and we are good to go



i can’t believe it

planning a trip and

booking flight tickets

within 3 hours

just like that


it’s just like committing

a shopping crime

and i actually feel guilty


but what differs from

shopping is

i may have regretted

buying something i don’t need

or of disappointment to me


but i have never and will never

regret over a trip taken

no matter what takes place


i feel like destroying this photo

for sure!!

what the hell is wrong

with that red check shirt with

white cargo pants

and orange bag!!!

no that wasn't me!! i was the photographer


we were neighbours

not even course mates

but somehow we found

a lot of things in common

and ended up spending time

in each other’s room chatting


being an anti-socialist

that’s rare for sure!!


she knows how i live

and i knows how she does

so i don’t foresee any issue

travelling with her

despite the short planning

and despite not meeting

for at least 7 years


at least now

i have two pairs of

upcoming flight tickets

something to look forward to

and less insecurity


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