Sunday, June 4, 2017

Flamingo X Coca-Cola: Denim Jogger @ Terranova

We have been talking about joggers

since quite some time ago

when i met up with my

favorite nephew

before he left


was going around

helping him to find one


he is now about

to come back

for his summer break


then months after

i spotted female’s version

at Terranova

quite some time ago


from past experience

knowing that

their price can actually go

low.. low.. low.. low…


it’s about time i guess

as i saw their further mark-down

post on my FB feed today


so this is actually my first try

although jogger pants

come with cuffs

i am so used to rolled up

that i must!!!

well.. my legs are not long enough

that’s for sure

Terranova Chambray jogger pants


both of us bought the same pair

the last time we took such photo

at Terranova was Nov 11 last year

Terranova Chambray jogger pants



this woman has to come over

because i can’t possibly go over



she was telling me that

i should get this

since this coincides with my

favourite song by Li Ronghao 李榮浩

The Big Sun《大太陽》

knotted cropped top @ Terranova


but i am kinda fed up with

knotted cropped top

because i don’t have the abs to

wear them on its own

and it’s kinda troublesome

to wear two pieces


and it defeats the point of

designing it as a knotted top


so i ended up

buying this

because my chambray jogger

goes well with plain white

Tropical Paradise Flamingo white shirt @ Terranova


and this

which kinda describes

who i am and what i do

Coca-cola shirt @ Terranova



later at VANS

Vans X Peanuts Part 2: Ended Up Buying..

Vans x Peanuts: Shades


drinking Coke

actually is kinda addicted

and both of us got that shirts

and same pairs of jogger pants

cheers!! root beer for a change

A&W root beer


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