Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hassle Free X Zero Fees: Mobile Number Porting

was still regretting that

i didn’t port a VIP number

ending with -8989

which has been with me

for the last ten years


the number died

as i forgot to reload it

for some time

while using a new number

with another telco provider


when i checked with the old provider

there’s no way to take it back

as they wanted me to

sign up for a postpaid plan

in order to retrieve the number


this time round

when we decided to

change telco provider for a number

we would like to retain



i managed to

perform a port-in

without going to the

physical centers of the

previous / new telco


(1) Fill up and submit an online form

 Switch to Tune Talk


(2) Wait for a verification call


(3) The SIM card will be delivered


(4) Call / email the customer care

to activate the SIM card


(5) Port-out request will be sent

to the old telco on behalf of user


(6) Keep using the old SIM card


(7) Wait for a confirmation SMS

from the old telco to leave

reply: Y / N


(8) Request will be processed


(9) Once there is “no service”

available on the old SIM

switch to the new SIM


(10) The new telco service

is ready to be used

retaining the old number


would praise Tune Talk

my new telco

for the efficient service


zero application fees

zero SIM card fees

free shipping with tracking

so i got it on the third day

upon application

Tune Talk’s Tune In


my first request to port out

was rejected by my old telco

because the number

was no longer active


i read some posts in online forums

about the previous telco

will make it a bit hard for

you to leave so that

you won’t


since the Port-In hotline is not

available on Saturday


i decided to drop Tune Talk an email

not expecting them to reply, actually


but they actually processed my

new application for porting out

from my old telco on a Saturday



and i managed to successfully

port out and Tune In to their service

on a Sunday within less than 24 hours


i would say

the port-out-in process

is quite seamless

and there is minimum

service interruption


once the old SIM card

is no longer functioning

just plug in your new one

and it’s ready to be used




the main reason

which initiated the change is

Tune Talk offers one year validity

for only RM 10

Tune Talk One Year Validity


the yellow and red telcos

used to offer this service

for RM 30+ but are

no longer doing the same


and come on

it’s Tune Talk

(and Jason Lo…)


if I am comfortable about

flying with Air Asia

i don’t get see why

i shouldn’t be

switching to Tune Talk


i am even considering

switching all the numbers

in the family to Tune Talk

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