Friday, April 28, 2017

5 Months of Photos X with Duplicated Names: All Gone!!!

last week

felt it was lucky enough that

i savaged a 3 GB+ picture folder

with 53 sub folders and

2522 pictures in there

from the recycle bin


that particular folder

was named as

“2016 sorted in album”


goodness knows

how it ended up there


then today

was browsing through

photos transferred from my phone

to realize that those

recently transferred batches

were gone, seriously


pictures from Sept to March

were nowhere to be found


then i realized

i know what is going on here

IMG_0001 – IMG 9999


the naming sequence will be

auto reset as IMG_0001

so that was how i actually

didn’t manage to transfer

the photos with duplicated names

but deleted them away

just like that!!!


the last photo is

taken on Sept 22

named IMG_9858


and the next photo

in my phone is


taken on 13 Feb


there’s a 3000 gap



thank goodness

i have actually

transferred all the

photos snapped during travel

into separate folders


and those parked under

stand-alone folders

for blogging purposes


i couldn’t exactly remember

what are the photos missing

actually i was looking for

photos of a dress bought

during January


because i couldn’t believe that

i had actually bought

  • a dress
  • a shirt
  • a pair of sneakers
  • a wristlet

and that’s about all

since the beginning of 2017


the missing photos

probably consist of

daily food, shopping,

the kids, flea market

and ………………



a 5 month memory gap

what have i have done

and i actually hardly blogged about

my daily life during that 5 months


as mentioned

i have 53 sub folders

parked under

“2016 in sorted albums”



i have none for 2017

while 1/3 of the year

is almost gone

procrastination is a bitch

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