Saturday, May 27, 2017

From Cereal, Pan X to Supplement: Ended up Buying Bag and Watch

This is a long post

about what happened

over the last 48+ hours


Thursday afternoon

was doing work and

craving for some snack

poor me

I am running low on

snack supply


except some dark choc

in the fridge

but i can’t be eating that

all the time


was badly in need of

something to munch

the louder the better


then i came across

this newsletter from 11street

11street Promo



sold by Nestlé official store


back that Cheerios was my staple food

when i was still healthily

making fruity milk shakes

for breakfast


so i bought a pack of Cheerios

well.. healthy snack



the Non-Stick Frying Pan

next to Cheerios

looked good too


and similar to Cheerios

it is limited to

one unit per account

it must be that cheap?


so i ended up

buying an Ikea Non-stick Pan


i don’t know

my mom would probably need it

she will not say no, will she?


so i was expecting

1. 2 boxes of Cheerios

2. 1 non-stick pan

by end of Thursday


Friday afternoon

i think 11street is

really going all out

I had ten coupons

11street Promo



the Emporio Armani watches

look really good

what?? they actually have a

ceramic series which

I have never noticed


Rado and Chanel are a bit far-fetched

let’s face it

but discounted EA is

something I still can afford


so i was checking out

their ceramic watches

there were so so so many

i can’t make up my mind

so i had to use elimination to

remove those I don’t really want


black is cool

but i would like a white

for a change

so all the black one are out

including this lovely one

Emporio Armani AR1441 Ceramica (Women) £171.60



out of all the white watches

i kicked out chrono and blink2


Emporio Armani AR1417 Ceramica (Women) £169.00

and even this one

Emporio Armani AR1405 Ceramica (Women) £159.60


and i was finally left with two

both are 43mm and

with minimalist dials

Emporio Armani AR1467 Ceramica (Men) £263.34 USD222.50Emporio Armani AR1467 Ceramica (Men) £263.34 USD222.50 2Emporio Armani AR1476 Ceramica (Men) £399.00 USD445Emporio Armani AR1476 Ceramica (Men) £399.00 USD445 2


Friday evening

was talking to my dad

about some sinus supplements

i saw in the paper today


then he took out a

newspaper clipping

oops.. he was telling me

about this long time ago

but i wasn’t really paying attention


since there were

so so so many coupons

i can make use of on 11street

decided to get him a pack for a try



before proceeding to check out

i was randomly typing

the product name in Google

in search of reviews


but what the hell

the first link was actually

a product page on Lazada

the same product sold by the

same pharmacy is on sale




so i downloaded Lazada app

this is actually my first purchase

from Lazada despite holding

an account way back


and their promo code for

first-time purchase actually

worked for me

so i ended up getting two

instead of one pack



then damn!!

was randomly checking out

other stuff available there

and i found this under Herschel page



do i actually need one?

well i do pack a daypack

during every travel

in spite of the fact that

my Fjallraven Kanken is not actually

a packable daypack

so it always ends up looking

crumpled during day 1



what do you mean by a daypack then?

well to me

it’s a smaller backpack

as compared to the one

you use to pack everything in


in other words

after checking in or whatsoever

you take out this daypack

and use it for your day trip

leaving everything else

back in the hotel or whatsoever


making sense right?


it’s actually relevant to me

since I have been using one


the funny thing is

the same item is available

on Zalora without discount

i have always thought

these two are the same!!



so i am expecting

1. 2 boxes of Cheerios

2. 1 non-stick pan

3. 2 boxes of supplements

4. 1 packable daypack

by end of Friday



back to the watches

yeah i can’t get over it still


that’s the new “SOP”

i recently adopt to determine if

i really want to buy something

cool down for a night

and you may not want it

that badly the next day



i was quite determined that

i wanted to get the second one

in grey instead of rose gold


when i was about to check out

then something happened


from the list of recommended items

below the watch

i saw another similar model

with marble dial!!

Emporio Armani AR1473 Ceramica (Women) £429.00 USD 475


oh man

it had actually escaped

my elimination process

should have seen it yesterday



instead of comparing it

side by side with the previous model

i was about the check out with


decided to go for this

for good!!

because it’s love at first sight

for real!!


and it comes in 39mm

instead of 43mm

which is a better fit

i actually took out

all my watches and

measure them with a ruler

for real


and it actually feels like

killing two birds with one stone

as i can now take

marble and ceramic watches

out of my KIV list

Emporio Armani AR1473 Ceramica (Women) £429.00 2


so i am expecting

1. 2 boxes of Cheerios

2. 1 non-stick pan

3. 2 boxes of supplements

4. 1 packable daypack

5. 1 ceramic marble watch

by end of Saturday


Happy weekend!!!

i have to turn my phone off


which is on flight mode

almost 24/7


i should have put my mom’s number

on the delivery info


3 parcels are already

on their way


oh man..

i am so totally excited

over the healthy cereal!

and the supplement for my dad!

and the pan for my mom!



and the two items

i accidentally bought


last but not least

what a shame that i am

utilizing Ramadhan (coupon and codes)

in fact I am neither fasting nor

doing something good except

contributing to online shopping

Sesame Street Ramadan


i was looking for old Cheerios photo

and i found a lot of selfies

oh no

you mean i actually looked like that?


and like this


and stop reminding me!!

what a wreck i have become!!



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