Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lee Youngho X Dizzy Dizzo: Levi’s YOLO

was kinda disappointed when

i no longer see Shawn Yue for the HK campaign

Supper Moment has got the deal


but pretty understandable though

as Mr. Yue does produce

his own jeans under his own label,



but less disappointed

when i came across this

Levi's CNY 2017 X 李榮浩 X 蔡詩芸 01Levi's CNY 2017 X 李榮浩 X 蔡詩芸 05Levi's CNY 2017 X 李榮浩 X 蔡詩芸 02Levi's CNY 2017 X 李榮浩 X 蔡詩芸 03Levi's CNY 2017 X 李榮浩 X 蔡詩芸 04



sorry i was suddenly reminded of..

absolutely loving the Sunny couple right now




the ad video & campaign video

can’t seem to find it on YouTube

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