Monday, January 9, 2017

Busier X Yet Calmer: That Was my December

it has been quite a busy way

which is also a better way to

end 2016


picked up and started a

transcription project

of over 35 audio interviews

during late November

which lasted all the way until 22nd


and at the same time

juggling with the usual tasks

i.e. life went on on top of

at least 2 audio interviews

to be transcribed on daily basis


thank goodness

managed to take a day off

on 17th Dec to attend a

X’mas gathering out of town

i mean.. going into the town


and when it was all over

then only i realized

it was almost Christmas and

the year was ending pretty soon


decided to take two days off

during X’mas Eve and X’mas

brought my niece on a shopping spree


you know you are old

when you sleep before 11

on X’mas Eve and New Year’s Eve

and you thought of buying things

for others instead of yourself

during the festive season


that is suppose to be

another post all together



and i actually had no time to

blog about several pending posts

not to mentioned a yea end wrap up


got another project during X’mas

which lasted me until 3rd Jan


had given assurance to my client that

i will be working during the holiday season

I was so determined okay!!


a side note

a distant client paid a debt

which was pending since June


isn’t that great

as i was wondering

if I should open a new sheet

for bad debt and

if it should be deducted

from my sales


and that actually contributed

USD 150 to my fund for

Christmas gifts


the month closed higher

than November and

wrote a good and fulfilling note

to end 2016

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