Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Newear X Wait No Further: ✈Vesak

my first loot of the year

at the flea market on 1 Jan

Tintin Au Vietnam


sent this to my fellow Unicorns

as during our previous meet-up during X’mas

one of the agenda was to

lock down Vietnam as our

next destination for this year


and the flying date will be Vesak Day

as there’s a long weekend


went home to book

the first pair of ticket to Kaohsiung

during Lunar New Year


and in the evening it’s done

the 2nd pair of flight ticket

to HCMC booked


there are like

Spring trip – booked

Late Spring trip – there’s visa available

Early Summer trip – booked

Summer trip – data finalized

being discussed in a day

during the first day of year


a good way to

motivate myself to

work harder this year

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