Tuesday, January 3, 2017

All Gone X Accidentally: Starting Silly

Been working really hard for a project

which consists of a list of

4,000 attractions around the world


it’s more time-consuming than usual

as some research is required

to confirm the names

and what is it actually about


since some are in Spanish/Mexican etc

and you mean Old Faithful is a geyser?

and Bell Tower is actually not a tower?


and this is actually my

very first project of the year

as I received it really early before Christmas

and it is billed as the first invoice of 207


was working on the other project

received on Friday

of similar “economical value”

and quantity yet

much easier


basically that pretty much explains

how did I fruitfully spend my

New Year’s Eve and New Year

juggling between the two


as the deadline for this project

was set at 9 AM on 3 Jan

I decided to go all out

working until 1 AM on 2 Jan


i have not been working late

for quite some time

since i rather wake up early instead

to fix a more balanced bio clock



i worked all the way until 1 AM

could have gone on to finish

but my laptop died of flat battery

and i actually did not press Ctrl S

at the progress of 93%


you could have guessed what have happened

as I have mentioned the key word


so on the morning of 3 Jan

i woke up at 6 AM

and finished the 7% off

generated the first QA report by 7:38 AM

and went on to check through everything


was pretty much done by 8:30 AM

thinking to take a break

i mean early nap

after i submitted the task

even the reply email has been drafted


i accidentally pressed the power button

like what the hell

my monitor turned dark

as my PC went to sleep

and pressing the keyboard

didn’t manage to wake him up


as i can’t wait to submit the task

i pressed the power button again

this time, on purpose

to reset the laptop


and i was browsing through

some images of Adventure Time

on my phone

thinking to draw a card

for Carly’s birthday

after I am done


having picked the right card

my laptop was ready to work


it gave me a shock of my life

when the program wasn’t on the desktop

and when i dug the file out

the last saved time was

5 PM yesterday!!!!


oh my

the first thing I did was

to text my project manager

to ask for an urgent extension


it sounded shitty i know

like i actually two weeks time


thank goodness

she was fine with it

as long as I submitted by noon


so i spent the next 3 hours

retyping whatever I have done

since 9 PM yesterday night

all the way until 11+


whatever it is

one project is down

before I moved on to

finish up the other easier project

what a way to start 2017

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