Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Newear X Wait No Further: ✈Lunar Newear

On Tuesday

when we have got our dates finalized

it’s somewhere during Lunar New Year

Air Asia Flight Booking


On Thursday / Friday

The sudden fall in price

yet was procrastinating

Air Asia Flight Booking


when I reopened on

Saturday morning

it remained the same

until Saturday evening..

Air Asia Flight Booking


and finally made up my mind

on Sunday noon which

is a whole new year

and the last day of their New Year Sale

Air Asia Flight Booking


1 seat(s) left

that’s after I have done mine

assuming I didn’t manage to grab at 615

the new price would be



thank goodness

the return ticket

remained pretty consistent

at almost half the rate

Air Asia Flight Booking


on the other note

we thought of bringing my mom along

make it a trip in trio


yet she was reluctant to

as the kids are attending school

so I might make another trip to Tw

in the summer again with my mom


looks great, isn’t it?

and these are both Saturday flights

in conjunction with school holidays!!

Air Asia Flight BookingAir Asia Flight Booking


what’s there in Kaohsiung anyway?

that’s what I have in mind for now..

2016史努比-快樂上學趣巡迴特展 Fun Learning With SnoopyBuddha Memorial Center Fo Guang Shan



the date is actually suggested by my dad

it didn’t really cross my mind that

we are actually going

and what’s more during Lunar New Year

as I was casually telling him about

the Peanuts Exhibition


i guess there is more YOLO!!! spirit

in him as compared to myself

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