Sunday, December 11, 2016

Slides in Three X for the Family: This Ain’t No Shopping’'

A clearance sales is going on

Clearance sales


there are so many sections

but all I want is a pair of these

it has been almost one year since I

got my dad a pair of these


he pretty much likes it

and I saw the exact pair

at almost 50% off

thank goodness, the wrong size


it’s quite difficult to

find the right sizes

told my mom to hold on to

whatever we KIV and decide later

or you probably can’t find the exact pair again

Duramo Comfort vs Solarsoft slides


the crowd was getting bigger

they even had crowd control

limiting the people who enter


Dad’s: Duramo Comfort

Mom’s: Solar Soft Slide (Squeeze me! No, why should I?)

Mine: Duramo Comfort

Duramo Comfort vs Solarsoft slides


I really wanted my mom to get

a pair of blue adidas but she wanted this

okay fine!!


all sold off!

Duramo Comfort


I doubt I will wear this pair


the blue pair to be worn together

with my dad and this one

to be worn with my mom


I don't know what got into me that I bought this

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